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Selected industry case studies

Retail Sector

Our dynamic Low-Code scripting allowed our client to grow its pre-booked sales globally within their contact centre environments. Deployed in contact centres in the UK, Germany, USA and Australia, our app ensured that our client shared best practices throughout their call centres globally. With 15% increase in call quality and customer satisfaction, a reduced average call handling and a 25% increase in global sales our client was able to dramatically increase their top line with the same number of agents.

Business Process Outsourcing

As a large outsourcer, our client had a plethora of processes and mountains of data. Where the data on their customers was great, finding the relevance and customer journey through the information was challenging. Employing the full Awaken Solution has given them a new competitive edge within their market. With the ability to evaluate the quality of every transaction and managing compliance irregularities by exception via our Insights platform through our AI and Machine Learning engines. They reduced average handling time (AHT) by over 15%, created a higher retention of agents and a reduced initial training time. All positively impacting both the bottom and the top line, strengthening their position as the market leader.

Financial Services & Insurance

Our client approached awaken as they had recognised, they had multiple issues within their services centres. They were astonished after we had analysed their data that their calls were taking 25% longer than they initially thought. Awaken took the existing process of quoting a price to the customer from 16-steps down to 3 through automation, improving efficiencies by over 200%.


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