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Auto QA

Call Quality Assurance.

Quality Assurance driven analytics with 100% compliance checking on all your customer calls enabling your QA managers to focus on enhancements rather than process.

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How Auto QA Helps Your Business

67% time saving of QA staff

Automated call quality assurance is completely unbiased and requires no human interference. Conversational analytics enables you to analyse calls that have known issues and that have been flagged up by Auto QA.

Reduce staff churn using emotion detection

Behavioural analysis allows you to monitor the emotional charge in the voice of your agents, giving you the ability to intervene on early warning signs of a potential lost agent. Our conversational analytics software thereby helps to keep agent pressure in check and reduce overall churn.

100% of Customer Calls Screened

Auto QA allows you to monitor all your calls, allowing you to keep the quality of your services at their peak and making sure all your calls are fully DSS and PCI compliant.

Vulnerable Customers & Pressure Selling Detection

Awaken conversational analytics software automatically detects vulnerable customers and pressure selling using industry-specific models.

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