The 5 Most Effective Voice Analytics Tools for Contact Centres

Author: Geouffrey Erasmus | Date: 2022/07/08

Customer service is more important than ever, with people happy to pay 17% more to a company with great customer service.1 That begs the question — what is the best way to determine whether call centre workers are delivering an excellent customer experience? The answer is remarkably straightforward — listen to their calls.

The ability to record, search and playback recorded calls is one of the best tools in the call centre manager’s arsenal. As a teaching tool, there’s little more instructive than playing through some example calls to draw out vital lessons. However, with millions of hours of material to sift through, this can be a challenge —  locating just the right moment in a twenty-minute interaction can waste a lot of time.

That’s where voice analytics comes in. Voice analytics is often confused with speech analytics, software that transcribes spoken conversations into readable text. Using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), voice analytics goes a step further, making it possible to pinpoint specific words and accurately determine the sentiment behind them.

This software makes it possible to identify the emotions and intent embedded within a conversation. As a result, contact centres can better understand customers and proactively monitor agents’ well-being.

The deployment of cutting-edge solutions like voice analytics , Interaction analytics and speech analytics are key to unlocking these benefits and helping contact centres improve outcomes, such as improving first call resolution (FCR) and customer satisfaction. That’s why today we’re going to take a look at some of the leading voice analytics tools available to businesses. Let’s dive straight into the first one.

#1 Awaken

Awaken was designed to help contact centre managers and team leaders listen, understand, and guide callers towards a perfect resolution during every interaction. Its AI-driven suite of tools aims to improve operational efficiency whilst boosting employee performance and the overall customer experience.

The platform automatically uploads all calls to a secure cloud-based storage area and passes them through a series of AI models to identify their content, tone and specific keywords and phrases. Sentiment analysis is then also employed to segment sequences within the call into positive or negative moments of interaction. 

Actionable insights are then derived from the resulting data breakdown, which is depicted in an impactful graph of the emotional journey of the call. This creates an at-a-glance picture of how the conversation developed and, crucially, how positive the outcome was or wasn’t.

By analysing both the voice of the customer (tone, pitch, and pace) and speech (language), Awaken makes it possible to dig deep into the substance of each call. On top of that, Awaken is more than just a voice analytics tool with numerous other helpful features and benefits, including:

  • AI-driven intelligent scripting to help agents communicate clearly
  • Single-agent desktops to promote self-monitoring and improvement
  • Call centre scripting tools with  Intelligent Agent NBA prompts agents to deliver added customer benefits (and, where appropriate, upsell for improved revenue)
  • Awaken Translate provides real-time multilingual support in multiple languages, so you can communicate with customers in their mother tongue, even when agents don’t speak that language
  • Agent desktop automation, to ensure all steps in an interaction are completed

All in all, Awaken is an intelligently designed, comprehensive suite of tools to promote excellent customer service.

#2 Observe AI

Observe AI is another platform utilising artificial intelligence to automate contact centre processes while improving customer interactions. Its main speciality is increasing call centre productivity, particularly in monitoring compliance and automating many of the more mundane processes. Observe AI goes deep into the text of each call, scouting for actionable insights.

The platform uses AI to identify low-performing agents and subsequently highlight opportunities for improvement prompted by their call data. Furthermore, Observe’s machine learning focuses on a range of data points in each call, including tone of voice, speech rate, speaker volume and pauses. From this, it extracts a summary of caller sentiment, including positive and negative moments of interaction.

Observe proves especially strong in two key areas:

  • Compliance
  • Risk management 

On top of these, the platform also includes features with the potential to boost both revenue and productivity.

#3 CallMiner

CallMiner has trained its AI on over two billion hours of customer conversations, and having been founded in Florida in 2002 now has more than two decades of experience in the field. The company’s six core values include: 

  • Curiosity
  • Perceptiveness
  • Accessibility
  • Investment
  • Agility
  • Determination

CallMiner’s conversation analytics platform combines an analysis of the acoustic qualities of any interaction with its context and meaning. Their sentiment analysis methods score performance across a cross-section of calls, agent teams and timeframes to build a composite portrait in real-time.

Performance boosting insights are achieved by looking at changes in vocal inflexion, stress and speed in both agents and customers. CallMiner then translates this data into actionable insights, using Tableau to visualise call journeys.

Adding additional features such as redaction and screen recording, CallMiner performs especially well as a coaching or onboarding tool, since so much of an agent’s process can be replayed.

#4 Daisee

A comparative newcomer in the field, Daisee was founded in 2017 with the aim of combining best practices in customer service with cutting-edge data science. The company claims to have created the world’s first fully automated and programmable quality assurance scorecard.

Daisee is pioneering improved speech-to-text and voice analytics solutions, facilitating monitoring of script adherence if managers want to get truly granular. It can do this in verbatim and non-verbatim modes — allowing you to adjust how precisely you need your agents to follow a set text.

The platform’s AI is also designed to identify and categorise the reason behind each customer call, allowing you to pool responses for service and product improvement. Team and individual agent dashboards provide insights so everyone can concentrate on improving their performance.

#5 Cogito

Taking its name from the Latin word for thought, Cogito is one of the most venerable solutions on this list, emerging from the MIT Human Dynamics Lab, which began its research in 1999.

Cogito aims to provide real-time analysis of a call’s dynamics, and it can be used in both a call centre and home-working setting. The call centre solution is called Dialog, and its AI aims to simulate as much emotional intelligence as a machine can muster. To this end, Cogito identifies triggers like delayed turn-taking, excessive pauses, and energy and empathy cues.

While this level of in-depth analysis (over 200 vocal signals) may prove fascinating, there’s a risk it will make an agent overly self-conscious during a call, so perhaps the analysis is best performed retrospectively. That said, it is an excellent training tool, and Cogito builds in many cues and pointers to empathic communication so that agents can proactively improve their interactions.

Find the right solution for your business

Investing in the right voice analytics software is crucial for your business, as the wrong solution can lead to a failure to obtain desired outcomes, ultimately resulting in wasted resources. Remember, much will depend on the specific needs of your organisation. 

That’s why when looking to implement voice analytics, contact centres need to consider:

  • How closely agents need to follow a script
  • Whether they need individual or team performance analysis
  • How in-depth they want to go with sentiment analysis
  • The size and complexity of their teams
  • How vital compliance is
  • Whether the solution provides all the functionality required

Awaken is a perfect, accessible all-rounder for small to medium-sized, established businesses who want to boost agent performance, reduce churn, improve customer engagement and maximise revenue. Get in touch today for more on how our voice analytics could transform your contact centre.

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