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Many contact centres are considering a move to remote working. But how can contact centres adapt and alleviate the pressures this brings?

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  • How to deliver seamless customer experiences and a sound working
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  • How to decrease employee turnover rate and increase customer retention levels
  • How to avoid customer frustration caused by having to repeat information to different agents

Why efficiency matters

Stifled efficiency within your contact centre can affect all parts of your business. Unhappy agents will not go above and beyond for your customers, which will impact your bottom line.

Luckily, with increasingly powerful technologies, you can increase your efficiency and provide excellent omni-channel experiences for your customers.

We've helped countless contact centres

“It’s crucial that we are online all of the time. Awaken has been integral in meeting these requirements and will continue to play a key role as we evolve our emergency response processes."

Kevin Hatch, Technology and Systems Strategist at STARS

"There’s no doubt that Awaken’s technology plays a crucial role in driving a frictionless and timely resolution too much of the support we provide."

Roddy Forfar, Managing Director at Aquarius

”By being able to see the complete customer journey and the services required to deliver an exceptional service, we were able to streamline operations, reduce agent churn and increase sales which resulted in 300% increase in profitability.”

Chris Robinson, Former Director of Yonder