Conversational Analytics
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Improving Customer Experience using intelligent conversational analytics & actionable insights

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Analyse every interaction to understand the true voice of your customers

  • Voice Analytics

    Do you understand the true intent of what your customers are saying?

    We turn unstructured conversations into contextual data - leverage behavioural & emotional analytics to extract the true meaning from your call recordings.

  • Email & Chat Analytics

    Are you wasting time manually directing emails to the correct team?

    We automatically categorise emails & chats using sentiment, tone & context, we then combine that with machine learning to automate tasks & improve your efficiency.

  • Transcription & Translation

    Do you need to provide a service to non-English speaking customers?

    Translation as a Service provides voice & text transcription & translation capabilities, enabling communication & quality assurance in 38 languages.

Why Awaken?

Our solutions have been crafted by contact centre people, for contact centre people, applying years of operational experience owning and running complex services. As these solutions evolved, we realised there was a much wider audience who could benefit from this new technology. So we’d like to introduce you to Awaken.

Having identified early on that appropriate solutions to meet our needs were either not available, or not tailored for contact centres, we decided to change this, by developing them ourselves.

What’s stopping you running your dream Contact Centre?

How could Voice Analytics, Dynamic Scripting and Voice & Text Translation help you overcome common challenges?

A few of the benefits

More Sales:

Engage them at ‘hello’

Improved customer experience with intelligence-lead conversations

Resilient Processes:

Compliance by Default

Make the ever-increasing requirement for regulatory adherence part of the natural conversation

Better Efficiency & Quality:

Serve People, not Systems

Using dynamic scripting and intelligent insights to delight the customer on every interaction

BIG BRANDS are powered by awaken


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