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Trusted by over 850 brands across 40 countries

113,400 Calls handled

“STARS made the decision to implement our dynamic scripting tool due to its flexibility, both in how it manages the agent experience and helps streamline connections.”

Kevin Hatch

Technology Strategist

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Kevin Hatch | Technology Strategist

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Deliver 300+ scripts every day

“There’s no doubt that Awaken’s technology plays a crucial role in driving a frictionless and timely resolution too much of the support we provide”

Roddy Forfar

Managing Director at Aquarius

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Roddy Forfar | Managing Director at Aquarius

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Helping you see the full picture behind customer conversations


Reduce training time by up to 70%

Accelerate training and onboarding with a simple all-in-one system.

Increase CSAT

Increase CSAT scores by up to 49%

Reduce average handling time, and achieve fast first call resolution.

Reduce employee turnover

Reduce employee turnover by 25%

Combat churn with actionable employee performance insights.

Ensure compliance

Ensure compliance across 70% of calls

Protect your organisation with advanced compliance monitoring.

Agile, modular solutions that flex & adapt to your contact centre needs

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Guide agent interactions with ‘Real Time Agent Guidance’

Awaken monitors all customer interactions and provides agents with the right information at the right time. Reach satisfactory resolutions in half the time. And transform customer experience and agent wellbeing.

Auto-QA for 100% of interactions

Manual quality assurance scoring is slow and inefficient. Awaken provides consistent automated QA scoring. Reduce error rates, and uncover training opportunities.

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Quickly identify & eliminate process bottlenecks

Enable non-technical teams to build new workflows and make instant script changes. Streamline customer journeys, and allocate resources more efficiently. Awaken is a low code software that reduces reliance on IT.

Enhance agent wellbeing & team performance

Reduce work-related stress for agents by automating repetitive tasks. Plus, provide easy to follow call flows for call handling. Result – a more productive and motivated team that coincides with greater customer satisfaction.

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Simply integrate with your current systems

Awaken provides a “work with” rather than a “rip and replace” approach. Our platforms can also run as stand-alone units, or by tight integration using Application Program Interfaces (APIs). Get set up in less than 2 weeks.

The Awaken experience:
Rapidly onboard and train 100s of agents
Receive instant breach and fraud alerts
Perform 1000s of daily script loads
Integrate seamlessly with flexible, low-code set-up - built for non-dev teams
Streamline workflow with a single unified agent desktop & easy-to-use UI
Deploy in hours & see a positive ROI in days
Accurately communicate in 38 languages

ISO 27001 Accredited


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With over 35 years experience in owning and operating contact centres

Since 2019, it has been our mission to replace time-consuming manual processes with powerful AI automation – giving you greater visibility and faster actionable insights.

We understand what it’s like to be on the contact centre front lines. So we offer pay-as-you-use pricing (i.e. we only charge by number of people logged on, and not by number of total users).

We are always here to support you – from set up and beyond. Think of us as an invaluable part of your extended team.

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Only 4% of US & UK contact centres are using automated solutions that guide agents with ‘next best action'

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