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Automated conversational analytics with actionable insights in 30+ languages.

Awaken's Conversational AI suite is easy to deploy, guaranteed to improve profitability and customer experience.

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  • Awaken Conversations

    Voice Analytics

    Automate quality assurance by analysing customer and agent emotion expressions, categorise by reason for contact and increase your team's performance resulting in better customer experience.

  • Awaken Translate

    30+ languages

    Transcribe and translate interviews, automatically generate subtitles and translate voice to voice in real time in 30+ languages.

  • Awaken Scripting

    Dynamic Process Flow

    Reduce training time, increase staff retention and protect your process knowledge by using dynamic scripting with drag and drop configuration.

Improve profitability by up to 300%

Gain insights into your operations and unlock 85% operational efficiency gains while increasing sales output by 25%

"Being able to see the complete customer journey and services required to service it, we were able to streamline operations, reduce staff churn and increase sales which resulted in 300% increase in profitability."

Chris Robinson, former Director

Social media videos translated in 30+ languages in under 60 seconds

Automatically generate subtitles for media files in real time or for uploaded files, increasing your customer connections and accessibility to new markets

25% increase in global sales

Unleash the true potential of your business by streamlining operations with Dynamic scripting.

"Since fully utilising Awaken Scripting, Merlin’s call quality and customer satisfaction ratios have improved from 70% to 85%. Revenue from global ticket sales has increased by an amazing 25% due to shorter faster calls and the freedom to sell any ticket combination. Training costs have been slashed."

Steve Messenbird, Global Contact Centre Director

Why Awaken ?

Awaken's Conversational AI suite is based on 27 years of experience in owning and operating contact centres. At Awaken our enduring focus is ensuring access to leading technologies through our solutions, designed for the contact centre industry. We are a passionate team with over 20 years’ experience in owning and operating contact centres, and we draw on that wealth of knowledge to provide our clients with intelligent technologies.

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