Integrate all your systems & data

Agent Guidance and Analytics that smoothly integrates with your current tech stack

Transform agent and customer experiences with one tool. Simplify your contact centre workflows. Unite your cross-channel data systems, interaction history and analytics. Start getting the most out of your customer service systems.

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Connect with everything in just a few hours
(with no downtime)

Awaken integrates with your telephony provider, CRM, Generative AI, and other contact centre systems in just a few hours. Just tell us which systems you use (see below) and we’ll do the rest.

CCaaS & Telephony Providers

Don’t see the systems you use?

No problem. Custom integrations take us anywhere from a matter of minutes to an hour to build.

Whether you require:

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A simple web pop-up service that you can activate


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In-depth integrations that automatically react to your other systems

…we’ve got you covered.

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How does Awaken integrate with my tools?

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Get a bespoke system that scales with you

First, join us for a chat. Then, we’ll go away and design a custom solution that aligns with your current needs and future vision.

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Pull all your customer data into one place

No more context switching and unfounded insights. Automatic data feeds (or ‘Rest APIs’) pull data from multiple sources straight into Awaken.

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Ingests up to 100% of customer interactions

That means phone calls, email, social media, live chat, SMS, website analytics and more.

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Enhance existing systems or run as a stand-alone

Awaken provides a “work with” rather than a “rip and replace” approach. Or, run Awaken as stand-alone units.

Transform your contact centre operations with a “unified” agent desktop

solutions for call centres

Empower your agents & delight your customers

A complete suite of contact centre software: designed by experts with over 35 years experience in owning and operating contact centres. Find out more and trial them out free.

Real-Time Agent Guidance

Guides agents with dynamic ‘next best action’ prompts in real-time

Imagine if customers received the perfect response every time. Reduce handling times, inject confidence into your agents and turn customers into evangelists.


  1. Shrink onboarding time by 60%
  2. Reduce recruitment and training costs
  3. Increase agent confidence and improve churn

Post Call Analytics

Reveal the true voice of your customer – across 100% of interactions

Conversational analytics software to help you understand customer interactions across all channels on a deeper level. Lift your contact centre performance and agent morale.


  1. Understand customer sentiment like never before
  2. Empower teams with actionable insights
  3. Improves customer satisfaction by 49%

Auto QA

Leave manual, error
prone QA processes
in the past

Replicate and scale quality scoring across 100% of interactions. Improve compliance and consistency for better customer service and happy regulators.


  1. Reduce time-intensive admin
  2. Review 100% of interactions for fast improvement
  3. Provide better support to agents