Transform Your Call Centre with Speech Analytics

Capture every call, email and social message to improve understanding of your team and customers. Get better insights into how they’re feeling and identify improvements that help you enhance contact centre performance


Improve your contact centre’s performance

Voice and speech analytics that automatically captures every call, email and social message, so that you can understand the true voice of your customers and your team. Understand how they’re feeling in the moment and easily identify improvements to enable you to increase the performance of your contact centre.

Why is speech analytics so important?

93% of consumers are likely to make repeat purchases from businesses that offer excellent customer service. Insights from speech analytics software that utilises AI and machine learning (ML) can help contact centres defuse tricky situations, reduce customer churn and enhance the customer experience. Using a combination of language and behavioural analytics, such as topic modeling, natural language processing (NLP) and vocal emotion detection, Awaken Conversations provides these insights.

In short, ensuring your contact centre is compliant and has the capacity to identify and serve vulnerable or dissatisfied customers holds the key to transforming the customer experience. As a result, it’s no surprise the speech analytics market is expected to reach $5,460 million by 2026.

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Contact centre use cases for speech analytics

Awaken Conversations unearths vital context behind customer call metrics, helping to reduce unnecessary calls, monitor compliance and manage quality assurance.

Do you know what customers think about your brand?

In a world of infinite data it’s easy for brands to lose sight of what matters. Awaken Conversations creates a picture of the valuable moments that make up the customer experience, highlighting what customers really think and how you can meet their expectations during every call.

Want to understand why customers are contacting you?

By understanding what customers want, you can change your messaging and processes to eliminate up to 30% of unnecessary enquiries. Awaken Conversations helps you understand where the bottlenecks are and proactively change processes, reduce costs and increase efficiencies to drive an improved customer experience.

Can you provide customers with a resolution on first contact?

With our actionable insights, you’ll be able to access a clearer view of the entire customer journey in real-time. As a result, you can help your agents to resolve more customer queries during the first call, increasing First Call Resolution (FCR) performance and enhancing brand loyalty.

Are you correctly identifying vulnerable customers?

By analysing the customer experience across all the channels in your contact centre, you’ll be able to benefit from actionable insights from each and every customer interaction. As a result, you can pinpoint vulnerable customers and improve your processes and call-handling to ensure personalised and sympathetic conversations.

Do you understand how your agents are feeling?

Awaken makes it possible for managers and team leaders to proactively monitor the wellbeing of all contact centre agents. As a result, you can track how their sentiment and emotions change over a period of time and intervene to provide extra support when agents are struggling.

Can you identify when additional training is required?

Our interactive and easy to use dashboards make it possible for anyone to get data-driven answers to critical questions. Businesses across a range of industries can then use this information to better understand where their agents need additional training and improve the customer service outcomes they provide.

Are you struggling to maintain call and compliance adherence?

By using Awaken’s software, contact centres are able to set their own specific compliance triggers that notify managers when triggers are hit, compliance is at risk or has already been breached. This makes it much easier to protect your customers, your agents and your entire organisation simultaneously.

Are you identifying opportunities to make operational improvements?

The deployment of our software makes it easier than ever to identify agents’ training needs, drive sales conversion and make improvements. You can clearly see where you need to make changes to your processes and work to increase efficiencies that optimise the experience your contact centre delivers.

Awaken Conversations - Next Generation Speech Analytics Software

Awaken Conversations’ speech analytics software provides unmatched transcription capabilities and unparalleled levels of accuracy for 100% of your customer interactions.

Better understand the language used in customer interactions with:

  • Transcription of the conversation that recognises names, acronyms and seeded words.
  • The identification of key terms or phrases in the conversation with fuzzy text grouping.
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) that helps to account for the meaning of words within the content of the conversation.
  • Topic modelling that identifies conversational topics through hidden semantic structures.

Listen to what our customers have to say

“There’s no doubt that Awaken’s technology plays a crucial role in driving a frictionless and timely resolution to much of the support we provide”

Roddy Forfar, Managing Director at Aquarius


Awaken Conversations

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Voice and Speech Analytics

  • Setup – starting from 2 days of professional services and training
  • Charged per concurrent user – calls and voicemails processed are charged by the hour (minimum hours 500 per month)
  • Discounts – discounts apply for committed volumes

Text Analytics – email, chat, social and chat-bot conversations

  • Setup – starting from 3 days of professional services and training
  • Charged per character – a minimum bundle of 3,000,000 characters which would process on average 7,500 emails or chat conversations
  • Discounts – discounts apply for committed volumes

Other Products


Digital Translation with Awaken Conversations

Customers become frustrated when they have to repeat information they’ve already relayed, can’t be understood, and don’t feel like the agent actually grasps their problem.

Conversational Analytics provides digital analytics across all support channels you use, and can be used in 38 languages.

Provide a superior customer experience without the need for bilingual agents.

Reporting and dashboards with conversations

Reporting and Dashboards with Awaken Conversations

Connect people and data with Conversational Analytics to understand how to delight your customers and improve the performance of your contact centre.

Call quality monitoring, compliance alerts, and efficient dashboards & reporting empowers your agents, management and leadership teams to make the right decisions, with the right data.

Drill down to understand what’s happening and most importantly, why it’s happening.

Intelligent Agent (computer with stats

Transform your Contact Centre with Awaken Intelligent Agent

Intelligent Agent guides your agents to the next best action in voice or digital customer conversations.

By analysing all conversations, Intelligent Agent allows you to identify bottlenecks, increase efficiencies and provide an exceptional customer experience.

Proactively manage customer journeys, delivering the experience they expect and deserve.

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