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Full control over agent - customer interactions

No matter which agent handles the call, the call experience will always be consistent thanks to the Awaken call scripting software.

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Awaken Scripting is a Web-based application allowing for the development of scripts and workflows to support any contact centre process. Scripts are built using a library of system controls that act as building blocks and are delivered either on-premise or SaaS. These can then be customised to look and behave how you need.

From simple single page forms, to more dynamic scripts with defined logic, and even agent level applications that provide a single interface point for multiple systems, any agent process can be managed within the application. CTI means that the appropriate script is presented to the agent, so they always follow the correct process.

Reduced training time

Call scripting software is driving the customer conversation, so your agents only have to focus on one topic at a time and instantly become experts on every single customer. As a result, agents require less training and can start focusing on providing better customer service.

"Awaken offers a number of sophisticated tools and functions that automate working processes, allowing us to improve customer service through reduced on-boarding time for our client’s programs."

Michael Schmoyer, Director of Technical Services

Process knowledge protection

Retain knowledge from your top performing agents, train your new agents quickly and protect your business from staff turnover with Awaken call scripting software.

Better Average Handling Time

Keep your cost per call in check by letting the dynamic scripting process lead every customer interaction.

"Awaken formed a key part of our business success by listening to our requirements, and working with us to accomplish the incredible results we have achieved in a short space of time."

Lee Wigham, Director

Improved staff retention

By empowering the agents to focus on the conversation, rather than the process improves the agent experience and thereby staff retention. Call scripting software helps take the stress away from staff, meaning they can focus solely on providing outstanding customer service.

Significantly reduce operational time

Reduce complex claims processing time from 90 minutes down to 20 minutes.

"Awaken took our existing process of quoting prices from a 16 step process down to a 3 step process by automating the process which improved efficiencies by 520%!"


Dynamically compliant, no training required

Your workflows ensure compliance specific to your industry using rule-based scripting.

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