Dynamic Call scripting. Guide your agents to the Next Best Action

Innovative software that guides agents to give your customers the service they deserve and the experience they expect


Guide your agents

Dynamic call scripting and intelligent agent guidance to effectively manage and influence the customer journey. This powerful contact centre software seamlessly integrates with your legacy systems and doesn’t need configuring by your IT department. Agents are guided through every call to deliver the right information at the right time providing an exceptional customer experience.

Are you struggling to:

Train your agents without it being a drain on the business?

Deal with cumbersome process documentation management?

Up-skill your agents effectively on more than one business stream?

Ensure agents are always compliant, putting pressure on the quality assurance team?

Remain consistent with regulatory compliance across all interactions?

Achieve a consistently high customer experience?

Control operational costs due to high agent attrition rates?

Quickly identify the appropriate post call escalation contact?

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What is Next Best Action?

Next Best Action understands the conversation your contact centre agent has had with the customer, and suggests the most relevant next best action for them to take. Dynamically guiding the agent through the most efficient process, improving the first call resolution, and importantly, increasing the customer’s overall satisfaction with their interaction.

The proven benefits of Awaken Scripting

Reduce Training Time

Reduce training time by up to 70%

This software drives the customer conversation, meaning agents can focus on one topic at a time, instantly becoming experts on every single customer. As a result, agents require less training and can focus on providing optimum service.

Analyse retention data to reduce customer churn

Improve employee retention by over 25%

Empowering agents to focus on the conversation rather than the process improves their experience and boosts employee loyalty. With stresses removed from your agents, they can focus solely on delivering outstanding service.

Reduce Handling Times

Reduce handling times by over 30%

Cost-per-call is kept in check by allowing the scripting process to lead every customer interaction.

Dynamically Present Information

Dynamically present information when required

Processing time for complex processes is dramatically reduced by presenting the right information at the right time.

Internal and other systems data

Enable effective knowledge retention and transfer

Input from top performing agents is retained, helping to train new employees swiftly and protecting the business from rapid agent turnover.

Consistent Customer Experience

Provide a consistent customer experience

Change the information displayed to the agent depending on what the customer is asking. Agents are able to navigate complex processes at any point.

Compliance and Fraud

Adhere to compliance rules

Workflows ensure industry-specific compliance, using rule-based guidance.

Seamless Process Navigation

Streamline post call escalations and contact methods

Automatically identify the appropriate resource and contact method for post-call escalations, based on location, date, and time in real time.

Awaken's conversational analytics has improved contact center operational efficiency by over 83%

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Transform Your Call Centre with Speech Analytics

How Scripting and
Guidance works

Drag-and-drop editor utilises accessible low-code, with 40+ controls that can be combined to create scripts for any contact centre process.



Awaken Scripting

Monthly rolling contract – we are so confident in our product that we offer the ultimate flexibility with monthly rolling contracts.


  • Setup – starting from 2 days of professional services and training
  • Charged based on internal concurrent users - concurrent users are based on the maximum number of users logged on at the same time in a calendar month
  • Discounts – discounts apply for committed volumes

Awaken Dispatch add-on


  • Setup – starting from 2 days of professional services and training
  • Charged based on internal concurrent users and external portal users (where applicable) – Awaken Dispatch is charged as an add-on to Awaken Scripting
  • Discounts – discounts apply for committed volumes

Other Features & Benefits

Listen to your customers

Listen to your customers like never before, with Conversational Analytics

Analyse every call, email and message from your customers, understand them in greater depth, and measure the wellbeing of your agents.

Using industry-leading speech and voice analytics technology, Awaken Intelligence can provide the insights your contact centre needs to drive improvements in customer experience and satisfaction, and employee wellbeing.


Digital Analytics with Conversational Analytics

Customers become frustrated when they have to repeat information they’ve already relayed, can’t be understood, and don’t feel like the agent actually grasps their problem.

Conversational Analytics provides digital analytics across all support channels you use, and can be used in 38 languages.

Transform your contact centre with intelligent agent

Transform your Contact Centre with Awaken’s Intelligent Agent Software

Combine people and data to see the complete picture of what’s driving volumes, sentiments and to understand the entire customer journey.

Drill down to understand what’s happening and most importantly, why it’s happening.


Through intelligent agent guidance and call scripting, your agents will be presented with the information they need, exactly when they need it, reducing call handling times and increasing capacity.

The latest version of our Awaken Scripting product is Synergy. The term Synergy comes from taking multiple elements and combining them to produce something of greater value than the separate parts together. We’ve taken the functionality of our previous versions and combined it with a simplified user interface and smarter controls to create a lighter, quicker, easier and more consistent application.

Through a 100% web-based application, Awaken Scripting enables the proactive development of call scripts and workflows to support any of your contact centre processes and campaigns. Scripts are built using a library of system controls that act as building blocks that can be customised to look and behave however you need. From simple single-page forms to more dynamic scripts, Awaken Scripting links multiple systems together.

It provides a single interface point, meaning any process can be followed easily, regardless of where information is housed. Agents can handle all their interactions in one unified, customisable desktop.

Reduce call handling times by up to 30%

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