Live Audio Capture

Capture your customer conversations in real time,
to power analytics, guidance
and decison making

Accessing real-time audio of your customer interactions offers a wealth of benefits, from improved performance management to clearer agent guidance. Simple to install, highly accurate and easy to manage audio capture software.

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Trusted by over 850 brands across 40 countries

A hassle-free solution to capture live audio from every customer interaction

Ensure a consistent brand voice

What is Live Audio Capture?

Live audio capture is the process of listening to both sides of a customer conversation in real time. The audio stream can then be transcribed and analysed (also in real time) in order to power deep conversational analytics, smoother agent guidance, and better decision making.

Our agnostic audio listening technology works by listening to the agent's local audio devices (speakers and microphone) during an interaction. Giving you the greatest clarity via a two-way, digital feed, and making this all available in real time.

We understand that access to interaction audio can be one of the biggest blockers to performance improvement in your contact centre. Now you can access the data you need, live, to power your operations.

Live audio capture across 100% of your customer conversations

Stream live audio and transcribe it in real time to power your operations

Accessing live audio from your agents' customer conversations is one of the biggest challenges in the contact centre.

Live Audio Capture from Awaken, let's you stream customer conversations and transcribe what is being said. The transcription can then be used to enhance your analytics and agent guidance efforts.

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Team benefits
  • Accessible audio streaming
  • Improved audio clarity
  • Live data for transcription and analysis
  • Zero impact on the agent experience
Business benefits
  • Improved decision making
  • Slicker data retrieval processes
  • Accurate data to power your operations
  • Hassle-free solution
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Data at your fingertips with our hassle-free audio capture service

Stream 100% of customer conversations

Our Audio Capture Service offers contact centres the ability to stream live audio from their customer conversations.

Accessing this data in real time ensures optimum performance from your other operations, such as analytics and agent guidance.

Clear, two-way digital audio feed

Our unique audio technology works by listening to the agent's local audio devices (speakers and microphone) during an interaction.

Giving you the greatest clarity via a two-way, digital feed, and making this all available in real time.

Awaken’s consultative approach

Gain invaluable insights (that you wouldn’t otherwise get) from our expert team, who have decades of experience working with 100s of contact centres from around the world. Start using insider tactics and strategies today.

Seamlessly integrates with your existing tech

As with all the Awaken ecosystem, the Audio Capture Service is truly agnostic.

Plug it in  and within minutes you can start capturing live audio to power all your operational efforts.

Works effortlessly alongside your existing tech stack. 

Awaken integrates with your current conversational insights data, telephony provider, CRM and internal systems data, web analytics and more.

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Here's what our customers have to say...

Telecomms Provider
Telecomms Provider

The platform allows us to simplify complex business processes into user-friendly scripts that require little to no training, streamlining upskilling and onboarding all while minimising error handling and complaints.

Richard R.
Richard R.

Revolutionising the way we handle customer interactions. We are solving the problem of all agent data points in one functional interface. We have realized efficiency, ease of use, and an increase in accuracy.

Daniel S.
Daniel S.

A powerful and flexible tool. Awaken is versatile and flexible, allowing entirely new campaigns and workflows to be developed in a matter of hours.

Getting started with Awaken

Post-Call Analytics is one piece of Awaken’s complete suite of contact centre software. Each product feature is powerful as a standalone, but when used together they’re even better.

Real-Time Agent Guidance

Guides agents with dynamic ‘next best action’ prompts in real-time

Imagine if customers received the perfect response every time. Reduce handling times, inject confidence into your agents and turn customers into evangelists.


  1. Shrink onboarding time by 60%
  2. Reduce recruitment and training costs
  3. Increase agent confidence and improve churn

Post Call Analytics

Reveal the true voice of your customer – across 100% of interactions

Conversational analytics software to help you understand customer interactions across all channels on a deeper level. Lift your contact centre performance and agent morale.


  1. Understand customer sentiment like never before
  2. Empower teams with actionable insights
  3. Improves customer satisfaction by 49%

Auto QA

Leave manual, error
prone QA processes
in the past

Replicate and scale quality scoring across 100% of interactions. Improve compliance and consistency for better customer service and happy regulators.


  1. Reduce time-intensive admin
  2. Review 100% of interactions for fast improvement
  3. Provide better support to agents

Ready to see your customer experiences improve instantly?

Get a free demo of our Real-Time Agent Guidance solution to see how we are improving the bottom line of 100s of businesses through contact centre optimisation.

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