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Conversation Analytics Solutions for the Insurance Industry

Agent guidance, call scripting and conversation analytics solutions for insurance companies.

Conversation Analytics Solutions for the Insurance Industry

Deliver an exceptional experience with Awaken


Reduce your margin for error by up to 98%


Reduce the time it takes to make simple script changes by as much as 99%


Improvement in customer satisfaction

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The stakes are higher than ever

With intricate processes and challenging phone calls to contend with, insurance contact centres need technology that ensures procedural adherence and exceptional customer support on a consistent basis.

Getting it right is crucial given the numbers involved. Figures released by the Association of British Insurers (ABI) reported that the insurance industry paid out more than £6.8 billion in claims during 2021 — a year-on-year increase of 9%.

Awaken Intelligence can help you significantly reduce your human error rates, reduce your reliance on IT to make script changes, and provide a better customer and agent experience.

Improve your agility and customer satisfaction scores by 49% with Awaken:


  • Automated quality assurance with agent performance score cards
  • Compliance breach and fraud alerts that adhere to GDPR/PCI-DSS/FCA
  • Seamless legacy system integration for a unified desktop
  • Low code deployment for less reliance on IT

An increasingly challenging insurance landscape

It’s no secret that the insurance industry is a varied, challenging and competitive market.

A variety of policies and associated conditions means handling claims involves complex processes that can be difficult for call centre agents to navigate.

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Why use Awaken in your insurance contact centre?

Awaken applies artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to call recordings so insurance companies can listen to their customers on a deeper level, understand their needs and guide agents to deliver the next best action.

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Customer experience

Boost first call resolution with advanced scripting

Our AI-powered solutions are backed by years of experience working with insurers. Your agents are guided through every call to ensure that they deliver the right information at the right time and resolve more calls on first contact. You can also benefit from conversational translations that make it possible to communicate with customers seamlessly in their chosen language.

Agent experience

Give agents the tools they need to do their job

Awaken Intelligent Agent provides your agents with everything they need to deal with a range of complex and challenging customer conversations. You can also flexibly manage a large number of customer workflows, maintain procedural rigour and simplify training by using insights to identify where support is needed whilst monitoring performance to ensure agent wellbeing remains a top priority.

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Automate processes and monitor 100% of calls

Awaken helps to automate numerous time-consuming processes with the help of artificial intelligence whilst deploying cutting-edge voice and speech analytics software to monitor every single customer call. As a result, you can ensure that errors are significantly reduced and thereby provide customers with the level of service they deserve across every channel of communication in your contact centre.


Make instant script changes and have agents work on multiple accounts

With conversation analytics from Awaken, you can connect conversational data with people to better understand how to best serve your customers and obtain the agility required to meet the demands of insurance contact centres. Our software makes it possible for your non-technical teams to make real-time script changes so contact centre agents can work across multiple accounts with ease.


A technology-based solution for insurance contact centres

Awaken functions as a mind-map, sitting across various systems that agents need while processing claims. Agents can capture key details without having to interrupt or commence repetitive information cycles. The platform also provides reassurance that customers are receiving correct and up-to-date information regardless of how complex their query is, allowing agents to be flexible and engage in empathetic conversations while accessing all the details required via a single unified desktop.

With so many insurance companies implementing hybrid working arrangements following the COVID-19 pandemic, managers and team leaders need to obtain enhanced oversight to combat fraud and ensure compliance processes are maintained. Conversation analytics for insurance from Awaken makes it possible to monitor every single conversation for unusual behaviour and proactively alerts managers to any potentially fraudulent behaviour.


Awaken is already transforming outcomes

By working collaboratively with our many insurance clients, we’ve been able to enhance the efficiency of call handling and replace legacy systems.

The benefits of working with Awaken

When global third-party claims administrator Crawford decided to upgrade their scripting platforms, Awaken Intelligence was selected as the ideal partner to deliver the required innovative scripting and guidance capabilities. By working with us, Crawford were able to benefit from:

  • Proactive development of call scripts and workflows to support over 200 clients
  • Seamless integration that enables the right script to be presented to the agent at the right time so that they always follow the correct process
  • A single interface point that allows agents to handle all customer interactions in one unified, customisable desktop

“The success of the rollout was testament to Awaken Scripting and our organisation — the collaboration was great and we successfully implemented it even in the midst of the pandemic.”

Global Claims Administrator

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We understand how difficult it can be to gauge the value of a solution before you see it in action. That’s why our dedicated team are on-hand to guide you through a demo.

If you’re happy with the trial and ready to go live, our solution doesn’t require lengthy integrations — the reporting dashboard is fully web-based, so you can simplify your claim handling process straight away.

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