Post-Call Conversational Analytics with Generative AI

Reveal the true voice of your customer - across 100% of interactions

Conversational analytics software, powered by Generative AI, to help you understand customer interactions across all channels on a deeper level. Lift your contact centre performance and agent morale.


Trusted by over 850 brands across 40 countries

Not just speech analytics. It's omni-channel analytics, powered by AI


Contact centre or cost centre?

Managing contact centres is no mean feat. Either you're relying on surface-level manual monitoring, or you're stuck with powerful tools that are technical/resource intensive, inaccurate, or confusing. This is inefficient and makes achieving great customer service near impossible. But it doesn't have to be that way.

With Post-Call Analytics, track up to 100% of all customer interactions (not just calls). You'll save valuable time with a tool that automatically processes and analyses interaction data based on your personalised set-up. Ensure no insights get missed with an analytics tool that works for you rather than against you.

Designed for ease of use. No IT team needed

Capture every call, email & social interaction

See your customer experience in high-definition with a scalable, cloud-based insights platform. Automate many of those labour-intensive QA processes. And empower your teams with data they can take action on.

Team benefits
  • Improved wellbeing
  • Easier customer interactions
  • Simplified workflows
  • Greater retention
Business benefits
  • Identify bottlenecks fast
  • No internal IT resource needed
  • Increase brand loyalty
  • Drive costs down & revenue up

Uncover the true end-to-end customer journey

Monitor everything & anything at a glance - Image
Simple, Personalised Dashboards - Icon (1)
Simple, Personalised Dashboards

Non-techies can create interactive real-time visualisations in minutes. Easy drag-and-drop charts, graphs and dashboards. Plus, you can access pre-built reports and start communicating actionable insights instantly.

Trend Analysis Icon
Trend Analysis

Measure the impact of agent coaching with monthly or quarterly assessments. Identify training opportunities with scorecard data analysis. Also, it's simple to compare performance across regions and teams.

Compliance Triggers

Set compliance triggers that alert and notify managers when compliance is at risk or has been breached. Protect your customers, your agents and your organisation.

Call Transcription with 97% Accuracy - Icon
Call Transcription with 97% Accuracy and Redaction

AI-driven software that boasts unmatched transcription capabilities - with a 97% level of accuracy across 100% of customer interactions - and the ability to redact known entities, such as name and address.

Powered by AI - Icon
Powered by AI

Harness the power of AI and machine learning (ML) to make use of all your data, not just some of it. Save time and draw fast actionable insights with full visibility into interactions. And significantly improve customer experiences and agent wellbeing.

Integrations - Icon

Connects seamlessly with your other tools so you can unite cross-channel data and incorporate your full interaction history. Plus, we can set you up with automatic data feeds (Rest APIs) to pull in data from any other customer systems you use.

Uncover the true end-to-end customer journey

Key Term & Phrase Identification with Redaction

Automatically identify names, acronyms and seeded words. Also, highlight key terms or phrases in the conversation with fuzzy text grouping. Easily redact known entities, such as names, addresses and financial information.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Uncover the true meaning of words within the context of the conversation with NLP-based analysis. Use this feedback to improve efficiency and reduce response times.

Topic Modelling

Identify conversational topics through hidden semantic structures. Detect patterns and trends over time. Also, you can use this data to classify interactions to ensure customers receive the appropriate support.

Acoustic Analysis

A system that picks up on acoustic qualities within conversations - including tone, pitch, energy, speaker dominance, silence, cross talk, speech rate, hesitation and pauses.

Sentiment & Emotion Detection

Detect the sentiment and emotions behind conversations (e.g. anger, sadness, happiness, neutrality, anxiety, vulnerability, misunderstanding, and complaint indicators) so you can better understand customer experience and agent wellbeing.

Awaken’s consultative approach

Save time and gain invaluable insights (that you wouldn’t otherwise get) from our expert team, who have decades of experience working with 100s of contact centres from around the world. Quickly learn and start using insider tactics and strategies today.

Improve customer satisfaction by 49%

We'll get you up and running in just days. Plus we offer ongoing support to help you get the most out of Post-Call Analytics as your business grows.

Combine interaction data with all your other data sources

Once a customer conversation has wrapped up, it's fed into Post-Call Analytics so you can start drawing insights immediately. Plus, we will help you feed all your historic channel data into the system so you can hit the ground running.

Getting started with Awaken

First, we design a bespoke system aligned with your KPIs and processes. Then, we help
you create scorecards based on the specific keywords and phrases you want to see (or not see).

How it works - Image (1)

Works effortlessly alongside your existing tech stack. 

Awaken integrates with your current conversational insights data, telephony provider, CRM and internal systems data, web analytics and more.

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We set up and build your bespoke system for you and get you up and running in a matter of days. 

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Roddy Forfar | Director at Aquarius


Of Gartner Magic Quadrant companies use Awaken

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Of our agents are empowered by Awaken

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Reduction in call coding errors since using Awaken

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Get up and running in less than a week

Monthly Rolling Contracts - Get ultimate flexibility.

How you're charged:

  • Set-up - we help you deploy and make sure your teams are comfortable with some training.
  • Ongoing support - we're always on hand to help you get the most out of Awaken.
  • Only pay for what you use, not number of users – multiple users come as standard.

Discounts apply for committed volumes.

Here's what our customers have to say...

Merlin I.
Merlin I.

A great solution to deliver premium customer experience at scale. The team are great and help provide a proof of concept, making it easier to showcase the ROI the company can expect.

Thomas N.
Thomas N.

Awaken is a valuable tool to be used alongside human QA resources. As a member of a Quality team myself, I can see the almost infinite potential that software can provide.

Andrew T.
Andrew T.

The team at Awaken is superb. I have worked with them on numerous client accounts, they quickly build rapport and move into the space of trusted advisor.

Getting started with Awaken

Post-Call Analytics is one piece of Awaken's complete suite of contact centre software. Each product feature is powerful as a standalone, but when used together they're even better.


Leave manual,
error prone QA processes
in the past

Replicate and scale quality scoring across 100% of interactions. Improve compliance and consistency for better customer service and happy regulators.


  1. Reduce time-intensive admin
  2. Review 100% of interactions for fast improvement
  3. Provide better support to agents

Real-Time Agent Guidance

Guides agents with dynamic ‘next best action’ prompts in real-time

Imagine if customers received the perfect response every time. Reduce handling times, inject confidence into your agents and turn customers into evangelists.


  1. Shrink onboarding time by 60%
  2. Reduce recruitment and training costs
  3. Increase agent confidence and improve churn

Post-Call Analytics

Reveal the true voice of your customer – across 100% of interactions

Conversational analytics software to help you understand customer interactions across all channels on a deeper level. Lift your contact centre performance and agent morale.


  1. Understand customer sentiment like never before
  2. Empower teams with actionable insights
  3. Improves customer satisfaction by 49%

Build a loyal customer base by truly understanding their needs

Try our Post-Call Analytics solution free for 14-days.

Get insights and actions based on your real-life data. Still not sure after that? No worries, our trial is no obligation.

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