Empower your agents to deliver intelligent interactions with Awaken and 8x8

Expertly manage complex, human interactions with Awaken’s AI-powered agent guidance technology.

Intuitive agent assistance and conversational intelligence solutions embedded directly in the core of the 8x8 contact center platform.


Awaken X 8x8 = Intelligent Agent Interactions

Awaken Intelligence is a pioneer of innovative, flexible solutions that help organisations see the complete picture of their contact centre.

As close partners of 8x8, we deliver cost-effective, highly scalable & resilient agent guidance and conversational analytics solutions that predict the next best action and reduce time wasted on calls.


Our Integrated Services

Awaken has integrated two core solutions within the broader 8x8 contact center platform.

CoPilot is a real-time assistant for your contact center agents that utilizes AI to improve the agent experience.

Intelligent Agent is a web-based application that guides agents using 8x8 through their often complex customer conversations.

About 8x8

8x8 has developed a complete and secure cloud contact center solution that makes it easy to collaborate with agents and improve customer experiences.

8x8 is transforming the future of business communications as a leading Software-as-a-Service provider of voice, video, chat, contact centre and enterprise-class API solutions powered by one global cloud communications platform. 

Key Benefits

Reduce wasted time when interacting with customers

Improve CX with better first call resolution rates

Truly understand staff wellbeing and support agent retention

Scale contact centre operations rapidly

Radically improve agent onboarding timeframes by up to 70%

Monitor quality levels across 100% of interactions

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Key Features

Real-time agent assist

A fully integrated ai-powered assistant for your agents. Listen to your customers, understand what they need, and give your agents everything the require to drive a positive outcome.

Unified Agent Desktop

Single view of relevant information, removes the need for agents to log in or navigate into multiple applications during the customer interaction

Intelligent Agent Scripting

Guides the agent to provide the right information at the right time, seamlessly linking with multiple back-office applications and databases, providing only what is relevant onto the agent’s screen

Voice, Speech, and Text Analytics

Voice and speech analytics that automatically captures every call, email and social message, so that you can understand the true voice of your customers

Automated Quality Assurance

Monitor 100% of interactions against your unique agent scorecards and ensure downtime, service levels and resolutions are all on track

Multilingual Agent Guidance

Real time digital agent guidance in multiple languages

Reporting and Dashboard – Business insights, digital improvement insights and compliance alerts

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