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Innovative, scalable and resilient software that dynamically guides agents in real time to the next best action

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Guide your agents and understand the complete customer journey

Intelligent Agent guides agents to the next best action in voice or digital customer conversations. It uses machine learning and AI to deliver the right information at the right time, based on what is understood and learnt about the customer needs. By analysing all interactions and conversations, Intelligent Agent helps you to understand the complete customer and agent journey so you can identify bottlenecks, increase efficiencies and provide an exceptional customer experience.

Eliminate frequent pain points in your contact centre

Intelligent Agent provides a seamless experience for both agents and customers through the use of innovative, automated, and scalable agent guidance software. Intelligent Agent powers memorable customer experiences and removes unnecessary wasted time in every interaction as your agents:

  • Will have access to the right information at the right time
  • Will have historical customer interactions and previous communication visibility
  • Will be able to communicate with non-native speaking customers in their own language
  • Won’t have to liaise with multiple contacts to resolve a single query
  • Won’t have to ask customers to repeat their details when they get transferred
  • Won’t need to search for information
  • Won’t have to toggle between multiple systems
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Reduce Training Time

Reduce training time

Intelligent Agent drives the customer conversation, meaning agents can focus on one topic at a time, instantly becoming experts on every single customer. As a result, agents require less training and can focus on providing optimum service.

Reduce employee turnover

Improve employee retention

Empowering agents to focus on the conversation rather than the process improves their experience and boosts employee loyalty. With stresses removed from your agents, they can focus solely on delivering outstanding service.

Reduce Handling Times

Reduce handling times

Cost-per-call is kept in check by allowing Intelligent Agent to lead every customer interaction.

Improve Customer Experience

Provide a consistent customer experience

Change the information displayed to the agent depending on what the customer is asking. Agents are able to navigate complex processes at any point.

Ensure compliance

Adhere to compliance rules

Workflows ensure industry-specific compliance, using rule-based guidance.

Operational efficiencies

Streamline post call escalations and contact methods

Automatically identify the appropriate resource and contact method for post-call escalations, based on location, date, and time in real-time.

Understand internal bottlenecks

Understand internal bottlenecks

With actionable insights, you’ll clearly see the whole customer journey. By understanding where the bottlenecks are, you’ll be able to proactively change internal processes, reduce costs and increase efficiencies to drive an improved customer experience.

Learn about what your customers need and drive proactive change

Learn about what your customers need and drive proactive change

Get a picture of the valuable moments that make up your customer experience, clearly showing how you can deliver what they need before they even know they need it.

How Awaken Intelligent
Agent works

Guide agents through voice, email and chat conversations. Using the insights from Analytics you will understand what to change in the customer journey using AI, which saves time and improves the customer experience.



Intelligent Agent

Monthly Rolling Contract – We are so confident in our product that we offer the ultimate flexibility with monthly rolling contracts.


  • Setup – starting from 2 days of professional services and training
  • Charged based on internal concurrent users – concurrent users are based on the maximum number of users logged on at the same time in a calendar month
  • Discounts – discounts apply for committed volume
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Reduce agent training and churn.
Increase your bottom line.

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