Contact Centre Scripts in Insurance: Guide Agents and Improve Outcomes with Awaken

Author: Simon Black | Date: 26/08/2022

As one of the primary touchpoints between customers and a business, contact centres play a key role in ensuring customer satisfaction, loyalty, and retention — all of which have a positive impact on the bottom line. 

But in an industry as complex and challenging as insurance, how do you ensure customer support agents are equipped to handle complicated claims processes and an ever-changing risk and compliance environment?

Thankfully, technology can help. With contact centre scripting tools, agents can be guided through customer interactions, ensuring a high level of support and accuracy. 

In this article, we’ll explain everything you need to know about contact centre scripts — and how you can use them to improve customer support outcomes.

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A challenging insurance landscape

While customer support can be challenging in any environment, insurance brings its own unique demands. Not only do contact centre agents have to deal with the human side of customer support, but they also have to grasp a host of industry-specific technicalities, including: 

  • In-depth insurance policies and their associated conditions 
  • Complicated claims processes
  • Risks associated with compliance breaches or fraudulent activity

What’s more, they often have to navigate these complexities under pressure. Customers today expect seamless, hassle-free experiences when they interact with a business. They expect calls to be resolved quickly and efficiently — and rightly so. 

Without the right help, contact centre staff can make mistakes. In an attempt to deliver a speedy resolution, they may relay inaccurate information back to customers, resulting in all manner of problems later on. The risk of a compliance breach — or failing to spot fraudulent activity — increases the more pressure and stress agents are under. 

To perform at their best and deliver a high-quality, timely service, contact centre agents need support. This is where contact centre technology comes in — and scripting in particular. 

By guiding agents through complex processes and interactions, not only does scripting ensure an outstanding level of service, but it also helps ensure adherence to correct procedures. 

Introducing Awaken Intelligent Agent

At Awaken, we’ve used our contact centre know-how to build innovative software that supports agents in all areas of their role, enabling them to offer customers the high-quality service they deserve. 

Our dynamic scripting tool guides agents through all stages of customer interaction, ensuring that they deliver the right information and the right time. Think of it as a smart helper, there to point your agents in the right direction. Not only does this result in superior customer support outcomes, but it also improves the agent experience.

What’s more, our contact centre tech integrates seamlessly with your legacy systems, making them highly flexible, configurable, and easy to use. 

How Awaken can help the insurance industry

Our dynamic scripting tool is ideally suited to agents in the insurance industry, offering numerous powerful benefits that will help you level up your customer service offering. Let’s take a look at some examples. 

Reduce training requirements

Our scripting software drives customer conversations, presenting relevant, accurate information to contact centre agents throughout their interactions. This allows agents to focus on one topic at a time and become an expert on every single customer, without the stress of thinking about the next steps.

As a result, agents naturally require less formal training on the processes involved in customer interactions. Instead, they learn by doing, with our software as their guide. This way, our customers typically reduce their training time by up to 70%, while increasing call quality. 

On the agent’s side, being guided and supported throughout customer interactions makes their job easier and more enjoyable. Instead of being overwhelmed by the process, they get to focus on the conversation, leading to an improved employee experience. In fact, leveraging our scripting software can boost employee retention rates by over 25%. 

Provide a consistent customer experience 

With Awaken Intelligent Agent, the information your agents see changes in real-time, depending on what the customer is asking. This allows agents to navigate complex claims processes and the nuances of insurance policies with ease, safe in the knowledge that they are sharing information that is accurate and relevant. 

This provides a level of consistency across your team that would be impossible otherwise, meaning that every customer has access to the same high-quality service and information. 

Adherence to compliance

Our scripting software ensures industry-specific compliance thanks to rule-based guidance, ensuring that agents adhere to legislative and regulatory obligations, while proactively spotting and preventing fraudulent activity.

While this is important in any industry, it is absolutely critical in insurance, where the inherent complexity, coupled with rigorous compliance obligations, make any slipups extremely costly — both financially and reputationally. 

Improve first-call resolution

Being guided through customer interactions with accurate, timely information means agents are able to resolve more issues during the first call, without the need for follow-up calls or messages. 

This brings clear benefits. For the customer — who wants their issues resolved as soon as possible — first-call resolution leads to improved satisfaction and loyalty. From the contact centre side, it means agents can handle a higher volume of calls, which in turn reduces customer waiting times. 

With our scripting software leading every call, contact centre agents are more likely to resolve customer issues the first time of asking. Awaken software is proven to reduce call handling times by over 30%, keeping our customers’ cost-per-call low. The result is a higher-performing, more efficient contact centre. 

Improve customer service delivery

The benefits we’ve outlined here all mean one thing: a superior standard of customer service. In an ultra-competitive world where 96% of customers state that customer service is critical in deciding their loyalty to a brand, companies that leverage technology to drive an improved customer experience has a huge advantage over those that don’t.1 

If you want to keep existing customers happy, you have to be able to solve their problems quickly and efficiently. Without the help of technology, providing this level of service is increasingly difficult — particularly in complex, nuanced industries such as insurance. 

With our scripting software, you’ll be perfectly placed to meet — and even exceed — your customers’ expectations, ensuring that they stick around for the long term. And with just a 5% improvement in customer retention rates yielding a 25% increase in profits, it’s easy to see the opportunity here.2

Start guiding your agents to the next best action

At Awaken, we’re passionate about customer service. With decades of industry experience among our leadership team, we built our software to solve some of the biggest contact centre problems of the digital age.

The result is a platform that harnesses cutting-edge technology and data, enabling contact centre agents and managers to deliver exceptional results. In addition to our dynamic scripting tool, we offer game-changing features designed to boost customer satisfaction and empower agents, such as: 

  • Next Best Action: A crucial contact centre trend that utilises AI-driven technology to point agents towards the next best action, making customer interactions more efficient than ever.
  • Speech, voice, and text analytics: Access deep insights into agent performance and customer sentiment, highlighting areas where you can improve your service and boost employee wellbeing.
  • Reporting and dashboards: Gain access to real-time data, allowing you to understand internal bottlenecks and improve efficiency.
  • Real-time translation: Instantly translate customer correspondence from one language to another, allowing you to serve a global audience without the extra cost of hiring bilingual agents.

If you’d like to see how Awaken contact centre technology could transform the way you deliver customer service, get in touch with us today and book a demo.

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