How to Improve Customer Experience and Agent Wellbeing for Homeworking Contact Centres – Part 2

Author: Justyna Chlopecka | Date: 16/04/2020

It’s crucial that you ensure your existing customers are satisfied with your service while looking towards the future. External pressures such as transitioning to home working or the economy mean businesses that are agile gain an advantage over those who are not .With all the changes currently taking place, we need to look for new solutions to manage and improve business processes, but we need to decipher whether these solutions will become long term investments to accelerate business performance rather than acting as quick fixes.

New Wave of Challenges

Technology and data aggregation have never been more important, with the majority of industries finding new ways to manage their processes digitally. The call centre industry is also facing challenging times, with agents now working from home, and managers exploring new solutions to keep customer experience (CX) at a consistently high level, all the while ensuring that customers continue to be satisfied.

However, we need to ask ourselves if providing customers with the same, high-quality service is still enough for them in times of a global disaster that is impacting almost every industry on the planet?

Only the customer knows the answer to that. At the same time, customers, busy with their everyday lives and perhaps more overloaded than usual, will simply change their service provider if unsatisfied. And furthermore, they won’t be open to having a conversation with you at all because they simply don’t have the time or energy. We are all consumers and as such we want to be understood, without the necessity of having to always explain ourselves. How can your customer-facing agent then be able to recognise and adapt their approach when taking that all-important call?

Recognising the Need

First of all, you need to better understand your customers. It’s important that your agents are supported with tools to help them understand the reasons for customer contact, at the same time providing the customer with a quick response and finding the solution they need to their query while keeping the customer satisfied. Just as important as providing the business with the right tools is also making sure they know how to use them. Managing a virtual contact centre can be just as effective as an in-office centre provided you have the right technology in place.

How to Evaluate Agents Performance Today

We’ve known for a long time that AI and voice analytic are changing the ways in which businesses operate. Gradually, small and medium contact centres have been following the footsteps of corporate giants by implementing software, that enables them to review agents performance faster, with no need to spend hours listening to each call separately, at the same time providing them with easy to understand KPIs on all their agents performance. Managers can then accelerate the performance of their contact centres by navigating agent’s performance faster, and making more accurate, data-driven business decisions. That way, the platform you deploy across your contact centre will, within days, benefit your centre and team long after these turbulent times. Making you and the service you provide better than ever.

With our conversational analytics solution, you can analyse the vocabulary and sentiment, as well as the emotion in telephone call, which enables you to understand if agents are struggling from an emotional point of view, but also recognise what causes anger in your customers. Providing the business with the ability to understand and search through 100% of customer conversation within minutes, without listening to calls can significantly advance productivity of your contact centre. Having this information can allow you to implement ways for customers to self-serve, make changes to FAQ’s and update customers prior to them contacting you. Thus, enabling an organization to really drive down the number of customer contacts and lift the pressure placed on contact centres while enhancing the customer experience at the same time.

Next in the Series…

For agents to provide exceptional CX, their needs have to be fulfilled appropriately, and their wellbeing shouldn’t be compromised. Call centre stress can often lead to a decrease in performance and, ultimately, unsatisfied customers. Recognition of this issue is the first step to improving customer services.