Can AI simplify insurance claims calls?

Author: Simon Black | Date: 28/10/2022

Delivering exceptional customer experiences can be challenging for businesses in any sector, but it’s particularly difficult for the insurance industry. Not only do insurance contact centre agents have to deal with the emotional side of customer support that can come with difficult claim circumstances, but they also have to navigate the complexities, regulations and nuances of insurance claims processes. Agents have to remain alert to potential fraud, be confident that they’re giving the right advice and focus on delivering a memorable experience for all the right reasons.

With the stakes so high, insurance companies are working hard to support their agents and simplify insurance claims calls. The good news is that contact centre technology can help. With the right platforms, insurance companies are able to make agents’ jobs easier and provide a superior customer experience.

In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at how AI can help insurers simplify claims calls and deliver an exceptional service. Let’s get started.

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Understand your customers on a deeper level

The most effective and modern contact centre technology doesn’t just help simplify and streamline processes, it also provides unparalleled insights into customer interactions, enabling you to analyse conversations using:

  • Speech analytics: Transcribes spoken conversation into a readable text format, enabling you to identify key words and utterances for analysis and reporting.
  • Voice analytics: Leveraging AI and machine learning to pinpoint specific words and determine the emotion and sentiment behind them.

When you combine voice and speech analytics, you get an incredibly powerful tool. Contact centre leaders can use it to understand how customers are feeling in real-time and uncover actionable insights that can be used to drive performance improvements. This is particularly important in insurance claims interactions, where customers may be feeling more impatient or emotional due to the circumstances.

This type of AI also sheds light on agent sentiment, making it possible to identify when agents might be suffering from stress, low confidence, or poor morale. Manager can take swift action to support the wellbeing of their agents, ultimately leading to a happier team and improved service levels.

Empower agents with real-time guidance

Customer support agents have a lot to think about — especially in an industry as complex as insurance. At any given moment, they have to juggle human skills with a deep understanding of the intricate details of insurance policies and claims — and all in real-time.

Without the right support, the risk of poor customer experience, lengthy waiting times, and the delivery of false or irrelevant information increases — all of which can lead to customer dissatisfaction and the risk of increased agent churn.

Agent guidance technology can be the antidote providing real-time direction to agents empowering them to deliver a higher standard of service with better outcomes.

Many insurance companies use scripting due to the complex nature of their processes. Whereas before, this type of technology was clunky and hard to work with, in recent years scripting AI has come a long way. Essentially, contact centre scripting now guides agents through customer conversations via workflows and scripts that present the right information at the right time, allowing agents to:

  • Offer a better, more consistent standard of customer service
  • Reduce call handling times and cost-per-call rates
  • Increase first-call resolution rates
  • Relay accurate and timely information
  • Increase call throughput
  • Boost customer satisfaction and loyalty

The most innovative guidance and scripting tools guide agents towards the next best action in real-time while they capture key details surrounding a claim without interrupting or repetitive information cycles. Guidance and scripting solutions also provide reassurance that customers are receiving correct information regardless of how complex their query is so that agents can engage in conversations and give the customer their full attention.

Scripting AI also functions as an excellent teacher as it guides agents through the process of delivering high-quality support and reduces the need for extensive formal training. This delivers a more efficient, cost-effective approach to delivering high performance, while making the agent experience more enjoyable and rewarding.

How Awaken is helping insurance companies to simplify their claims process

To get the best results, you need to pick the right contact centre technology provider. But with so many to choose from, how do you know where to start? First of all, it’s important to pick one that knows customer support and the insurance industry inside out.

At Awaken, we consider ourselves pioneers of intuitive contact centre technology. With decades of experience, our leadership team has seen first-hand the issues that contact centre staff — and customers — have to deal with. This experience has helped us build a flexible solution designed to improve and simplify the way businesses deliver customer support.

We also have a wealth of experience in the insurance industry. We understand the unique challenges that contact centre agents face, including increasing consumer expectations, dealing with in-depth insurance policies and the threat of compliance breaches, not to mention the risks associated with making mistakes.

We’re helping insurance contact centres deliver a next-level customer service experience that makes it possible to:

  • Listen with voice analytics, speech analytics, language transcription and translation
  • Understand the complete picture with actionable insights
  • Guide your team with dynamic call scripting and intelligent agent guidance

By deploying our platform, contact centre managers and team leaders in the insurance industry can access the insights they need to drive positive operational changes that can ultimately deliver a competitive advantage in a challenging market.

If you’d like to learn more about how we can help you revolutionise the way you deliver customer support in the insurance industry, get in touch with us today and book a demo.

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