Using Interaction Analytics to Drive Agent Performance and Customer Satisfaction

Author: Simon Black | Date: 30/04/2024

Many contact centres are struggling with a disconnect when it comes to performance management. Although they may have available data, it’s not always easily accessible or timely and it doesn’t translate into the robust, actionable insights they need to drive their decision making.

Businesses that are reliant on slow and resource-heavy sampling for quality management are struggling with data blind spots. Their approach to dealing with performance challenges and issues becomes reactive rather than proactive and it impacts their agility.

But for contact centres who are ready to embrace intelligent and dynamic technology, Interaction Analytics is changing the game. It gives them all the data they’ll ever need to understand their agents’ performance, customer satisfaction and process potholes.

In this article, we’ll uncover how using Interaction Analytics drives agent performance and customer satisfaction.

What is Interaction Analytics?

Also known as Conversational Analytics or Speech and Voice Analytics, Interaction Analytics provides extensive data that goes beyond simple metrics like call duration or average handling time. It’s an intelligent and powerful technology solution that combines AI and machine learning to help you understand your contact centre on a deeper level.  

Interaction Analytics enables you to:

Capture every touchpoint: it gathers data from all your communication channels giving you a complete picture of your customer journey however they choose to contact you.

Turn every interaction into insight: it can analyse conversations in real time, transcribing speech, identifying keywords and detecting the sentiment behind conversations.

Analyse every part of the customer journey: it uncovers patterns, common issues and bottlenecks, high performance and opportunities to improve regulatory compliance adherence.

How does Interaction Analytics help the contact centre?

Managing a contact centre isn’t easy. You’re either having to rely on surface-level, manual monitoring, or you’re stuck with systems that are resource intensive, inaccurate and confusing. This is inefficient and makes achieving great customer service harder than it needs to be. But Interaction Analytics can tackle the challenges contact centres face head-on and quickly improve business performance.

Challenge #1: Limited data insights

With outdated methods of analysis, it can be hard to get the data that’s needed to effectively monitor performance. But Interaction Analytics analyses every single interaction. This powerful and actionable data provides a deeper understanding of customer sentiment, agent performance and the overall effectiveness of the contact centre.

Challenge #2: Out of date insights

Most traditional quality and performance management methods are cumbersome which leads to insights becoming quickly out of date. Interaction Analytics analyses all interactions in real time, allowing you to proactively tackle issues and implement improvements.

Challenge #3: Resource-heavy sampling

Interaction Analytics eliminates the need for time-consuming sampling. Automated analysis not only improves agent performance but also frees up valuable resources in your QA team enabling them to focus on projects that make the best use of their skills.

Challenge #4: Inefficient customer journeys

With actionable insights across every interaction, Interaction Analytics provides a complete picture of the customer journey across all touchpoints. Identifying parts of the processes that are leading to a poor experience enables you to step in quickly and streamline, leading to a better and more efficient customer journey.

Challenge #5: Keeping customer satisfaction scores high

If customers aren’t happy with the service they receive, they’ll quickly switch to a competitor so contact centres have to be able to quickly address dips in performance. Interaction Analytics enables you to identify and resolve customer pain points quickly which leads to higher and more predictable customer satisfaction scores.

Challenge #6: Inability to make data-driven decisions

When you use Interaction Analytics, you can take the guesswork out of your decision making. You can make informed decisions about the operation including recruitment, training, resource allocation and process enhancements, fully optimising your contact centre.

Challenge #7: Improving agent performance

Coaching and development programs that are based on actual interactions lead to more skilled and confident agents. Interaction Analytics provides a detailed and reliable view of every agent’s performance, enabling you to create tailored support for every single person.

Challenge #8: Managing agent churn

Interaction Analytics makes it easy for managers to monitor the interactions agents have with customers and interpret agents’ unspoken feelings. When it’s easier to spot when an agent is struggling, line managers can step in quickly and support them. When agents have the right training and support at the right time, they are more likely to feel valued and stay in their role for longer.

What insights can Interaction Analytics give you?

Sentiment and emotion
Interaction Analytics goes beyond just analysing the spoken word and dives into the true feelings behind every interaction. Interaction Analytics can categorise customer and agent sentiment and track it through the conversation. You can use these insights to identify customers and agents who need additional support and gauge the effectiveness of call handling across the contact centre.

Reason for contact and call drivers
Interaction Analytics can pinpoint the most common reasons for contact and call drivers. When you have access to this information, you can meet peak demand, streamline processes and focus improvement projects on the most important areas.

Agent behaviours and auto QA
Interaction Analytics can analyse adherence to scripts, process accuracy, follow-up procedures and compliance. Built in agent scorecards provide auto QA, using data to continuously analyse performance. What’s even better is that the customisation options mean leaders can search for what’s important to them rather than having to use a ‘one size fits all’ solution.

Threat detection: churn and complaints
Using Interaction Analytics, you’ll understand the customers who are at risk of moving to a competitor or making a complaint. This level of insight means you can step in proactively to protect the relationship, address their concerns and retain their custom.  

Customer feedback
This intelligent solution uses AI and machine learning to understand customer preferences and feedback. You can use the data to be on the front-foot of change, taking steps to improve your products and services before it impacts your business performance.

ROI and savings
When you understand your data and what’s driving interactions, you can resource your contact centre more effectively and reduce unnecessary costs. You can also realise cost benefits through process improvements that reduce AHT and increase agent availability without putting pressure on them.

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