Helping Aquarius deliver outstanding customer service

Awaken’s flexible and dynamic agent scripting solution, Intelligent Agent, has helped Aquatius combine great people and technology to ensure a seamless remote operation.


By partnering with Awaken, Aquarius has been able to benefit from

The creation of 300+ scripts every day

Delivery on important SLAs

Frictionless customer support resolutions


Aquarius — Providing a call scripting and agent guidance platform an entire business can rely on 24/7

Founded by Roddy Forfar back in 2009, Aquarius employs a team of 25 agents who handle up to 1,000 customer calls and emails each day across over 250 client campaigns. Scotland’s first worker-based call centre, Aquarius was an early example of the benefits of remote work in the contact centre space.

The challenges Awaken needed to solve

Like any contact centre, Aquarius’ agents deal with a high volume of customer queries in the form of calls and emails. Agents work on a variety of campaigns, from housing associations to railway companies and accident repair providers across the UK. As a result Aquarius has a range of unique requirements.

Aquarius needed to ensure that its remote workforce were able to continue to deliver outstanding results from their own homes.


How Awaken Intelligent Agent helped Aquarius meet demand

With the deployment of Awaken’s Intelligent Agent, Aquarius were able to quickly elevate customer issues and escalate requirements to the right contractor at the right time. The seamless workflow helped them meet all their critical SLAs and ensure customer data was accurately shared instantly, eliminating the need to enter it multiple times across a number of disparate systems.


A collaborative partnership between Awaken and Aquarius


“There’s no doubt that Awaken’s technology plays a crucial role in driving a frictionless and timely resolution too much of the support we provide”


Roddy Forfar, Managing Director

Awaken has been Aquarius’ partner of choice since its establishment over fifteen years ago, providing email integration, dispatch intelligence and creating over 300 scripts for their agents on a daily basis. Awaken’s technology plays a crucial role in driving a frictionless and timely resolution to much of the support Aquarius provides to its customers.


Partner with Awaken to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty

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