Simplifying complex claims processes in the insurance market

Awaken’s conversational approach is making complex claims processing easier in the insurance industry while significantly improving the customer experience.

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Awaken has already helped industry players

Reduce call time by 30%

Upskill agents 70% faster

Improve the customer journey


Transforming claims handling across territories

We understand the insurance claims process is anything but simple. Our recent work with a global claims handler demonstrated that our conversational approach helps to create a better customer experience and reduce call times.

A challenging insurance landscape

The insurance industry deals with a high volume of complex claims every day that require both flexible and dynamic process flows. Due to the nature of the industry, our client needs to be on the lookout for fraudulent behaviour and continually work to enhance the customer experience alongside a number of other challenges.

Our client relied on a legacy system that required developers to update and create new scripts for agents during customer interactions.


How Awaken Intelligent Agent helped

The deployment of our Dynamic Agent Guidance Solution to replace a legacy system meant that our client no longer needed developers to make script changes. Instead, their non-technical contact centre teams can now build and adjust scripts to ensure they fit the conversational claims process.


Benefitting from a collaborative partnership with Awaken

Our insurance client saw a dramatic improvement in the customer journey due to the fact that agents are upskilled better and more efficiently than with standard procedures. Additionally, our Conversational Analytics has made it easier for managers to analyse agents’ conversations to ensure compliance adherence.


Improve the insurance customer experience with Awaken

Using our bespoke demo process, you can see firsthand how our products can help you simplify claims processes and consistently meet consumer demand. Book your free demo today to learn more.

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