Awaken Intelligence Develops Out-of-the-Box Speech Analytics Integration For Voice Specialists, Red Box

Author: Geouffrey Erasmus | Date: 16/11/2022

Awaken Intelligence is extremely excited to announce that we have developed an out-of-the-box integration to process phone calls from Red Box directly into Awaken Conversations, our conversational analytics platform, using the Red Box Export Broker.

The integration will allow Red Box users to access near-time voice and speech analytics insights with no development requirement.

Red Box and Awaken have been official partners since 2022.

What have we developed?

We have developed an out-of-the-box integration between Red Box’s market-leading voice platform and Awaken Conversations, our conversational analytics tool. Red Box users can now process phone calls captured by Red Box directly into Awaken Conversations, using the Red Box Export Broker.

This integration enables customers to gain valuable insights from agent phone calls on the Red Box platform and reduces implementation time for a full contact centre analytics solution to just a few hours.

When using the Redbox recorder, call recordings are split each time a call is put on hold or transferred, the Awaken integration can stitch these call recordings back together into a single recording to perform analysis on the entire conversation.

The unique insights offered by this integration help Red Box customers to spot bottlenecks in their internal processes, improve customer interactions, monitor agent performance and wellbeing, and remain compliant.

Geouffrey Erasmus, CTO at Awaken Intelligence said, “This integration is an exciting development for Red Box customers, Red Box and Awaken Intelligence. To gain immediate actionable insights by analysing their agent / customer interactions creates huge amounts of opportunity. The fact that it can be implemented in just a few hours, with no extra development requirement, makes it highly accessible and agile.”

About Red Box

Red Box is the leading dedicated voice specialist, empowering organisations to capture, secure and unlock the value of enterprise wide voice.

With the most open and connected platforms, Red Box capture and transcribe voice from all major communications platforms across global enterprises and SMEs.

Red Box customers retain complete data sovereignty and are connected to the broadest partner ecosystem to maximize the value of captured voice data.

About Awaken Intelligence

Awaken Intelligence has built a suite of AI-powered agent guidance and analytics software tools for contact centres that guide with the next-best-action and help you see the complete performance picture.

Our technology blends people with automation to help you become more agile, reduce errors and heighten the customer experience. Our software is flexible, easy to work with and scales seamlessly as you grow.

The Awaken Intelligence team has decades of experience operating outsourced contact centres and building software solutions, meaning our products are designed by contact centre people for contact centre people. 

With a loyal client base of recognised brands and channel partners, the Awaken team continues to strengthen and grow enabling us to reach more contact centres across the world.