Awaken Intelligence Integrates with Amazon Connect

Author: Geouffrey Erasmus | Date: 05/06/2020

We are thrilled to announce our most recent integration with Amazon Connect, available for our dynamic call scripting solution Awaken Scripting. This latest development provides all Amazon Connect customers with access to our web-based application, enabling the development of scripts and workflows to support any contact centre process.

Amazon Connect is an easy to use omnichannel cloud contact centre that helps businesses to provide outstanding customer service at a lower cost. The offering was set up over 10 years ago when Amazon retail identified the need to give customers a personal, dynamic and natural experience, and it was productised in 2017. This platform now supports thousands of companies, serving millions of customers on a daily basis. By integrating with Awaken’s solutions Amazon Connect is able to support its customers as they seek to scale customer support, improve agent efficiencies and lower costs.

Customisable to look and behave how you want Awaken Scripting can be used to create simple single-page forms or more dynamic scripts with defined logic, and even agent level applications that provide a single interface point for multiple systems. With the ability to manage any agent process within the application the appropriate script is presented to the agent ensuring that they always follow the correct process.

Furthermore, Awaken Scripting enables your agents to drive the customer conversation with computer telephony integration. This allows them to focus on one topic at a time, and to seamlessly deal with complex process asking details, updating systems or sourcing information for the client. As a result, agents can start focusing on providing a better customer experience (CX) and instantly become experts in dealing with the customers’ needs.

To find out more about the features and benefits of Awaken Scripting please visit Awaken Intelligence.