Awaken Intelligence and IRIS Audio Technologies join forces to deliver heightened contact centre performance 

Author: Simon Black | Date: 23/05/2023

LONDON, UK – Tuesday 23rd May 2023 – Awaken Intelligence, the agent guidance and conversational analytics specialists, and IRIS Audio Technologies (IRIS Audio), the leading voice isolation experts, are delighted to announce a strategic partnership that technologically enables the live capture, isolation, transcription, and analysis of contact centre audio in real time.

The integration with IRIS Audio’s platform will allow contact centre teams to drastically improve audio quality, capture and transcribe live audio, and deliver analytic insights to assist agents and operational teams during customer interactions.

The problem of noise in contact centres is a long-standing one that is known to affect Average Handling Time, Customer Satisfaction, and employee wellbeing (highlighted further in an IRIS Audio whitepaper). Contact centres record tens of thousands of calls a week, most of which go to waste due to inaudible conversations. Noisy conversations lead to noisy recordings which interferes with a brand’s ability to extract accurate data from customer calls. Removing the barrier of background noise helps preserve many of these recordings, making it possible to then analyse and deliver key post-call insights.  

IRIS Clarity is an AI-powered software solution that removes distracting background noise from calls and pre-recorded audio. Its bi-directional technology allows participants on both sides of a call to immediately enjoy clearer sound, whether they’re agents in a busy contact centre or customers in a crowded space.

When IRIS Clarity is combined with Awaken Intelligence’s award-winning conversational analytics technology, contact centres are not only provided with superior audio quality, but also the live capture, transcription, and analysis of the full interaction. In a contact centre setting, this unique combination of technologies provides agents and operational teams with the following benefits:

  1. Audio quality – Audio quality is vastly improved as unwanted noises are removed, enabling the agent to have a clearer interaction with the customer
  2. Diarisation of mono calls – When calls are captured in mono then our solution greatly enhances the separation of voices
  3. Real-time analytics – By transcribing the interaction with heightened accuracy and then analysing the transcription, a wide array of insights can be gleaned

By analysing the customer interaction in this way, agents and operational analysis teams can instantly understand the following:

  • Is the customer happy or sad?
  • Did the agent offer an appropriate greeting?
  • Is the agent interacting with the customer in an appropriate manner?
  • Has the agent performed the appropriate compliance checks?
  • How long has the customer been placed on hold?
  • Was the call resolved successfully?

By understanding this information in real time, processes can be identified and improved, and interventions made where necessary. In fact, the potential of the solutions is limitless and can be tailored specifically to a business’ KPIs and scorecards.

Jacobi Anstruther, Founder & CEO of IRIS Audio Technologies, says, “Whether you’re a C-suite leader or team manager, making data-driven decisions has become table stakes for everyone. Integrating IRIS Clarity’s AI-powered voice isolation technology with Awaken’s innovative analytics platform will remove noise from the equation and enable businesses to extract valuable data from contact centre calls and deliver heightened insights to customers.”

Simon Black, CEO of Awaken Intelligence, says “This is a really exciting collaboration. Audio clarity is pivotal in extracting accurate, interpretable, and timely insights from your customer interactions. Working with IRIS Audio will enable us to further enhance how we help our clients by accelerating successful outcomes and elevating their contact centre performance.”

About Awaken

Awaken Intelligence has built a suite of AI-powered agent guidance and analytics software tools for contact centres that guide with the next-best-action and help you see the complete performance picture. Our technology blends people with automation to help you become more agile, reduce errors and heighten the customer experience. Our software is flexible, easy to work with (removing your reliance on IT) and scales seamlessly as you grow. 

About IRIS Clarity

IRIS Clarity is an AI-powered software solution that removes distracting background noise from your VoIP and customer calls. Real-time and bi-directional, IRIS Clarity allows participants on both sides of a call to immediately enjoy clearer sound, no matter where they are. IRIS Clarity improves focus, engagement, and wellbeing, bringing control to otherwise uncontrollable environments.