Community Tracing for COVID-19

Author: Justyna Chlopecka | Date: 16/06/2020

Awaken supports Government and Federal agencies at times of national emergency, using our dynamic call scripting solution, Awaken Synergy.

Our intuitive agent guiding solution Awaken Synergy,  is a highly agile web-based application that integrates with multiple telephony and software solutions across numerous contact centres. Supporting a limitless number of contractors, Awaken Synergy helps them to unite as one team as they serve communities in crisis. Our highly dynamic scripts can be changed in real time, enabling businesses to promptly react to evolving changes in citizens’ guidance. The platform is designed as a low code application, meaning business not development teams are able to build and alter the scripts.

Awaken has deployed this solution to a Government agency, in collaboration with a partner, to support the fight against Covid-19, involving multiple BPOs, and over 20,000 home working staff within weeks.