Daktela & Awaken Intelligence have united to provide deeper insights into customer interactions.

Author: Simon Black | Date: 27/11/2023

In a strategic move to enhance customer engagement, Awaken Intelligence has partnered with Daktela.

This collaboration aims to integrate Awaken’s cutting-edge Conversational Analytics product within Daktela’s existing suite of customer communication solutions, offering a new avenue for businesses to understand and serve their customers better.

Steve McSherry, Country Manager of Daktela UK, shares his enthusiasm, stating, “We are incredibly excited to collaborate with Awaken. Their Conversational Analytics tool will empower our customers to gain deeper insights into their customer interactions, helping them to continually improve their service quality.”

The Conversational Analytics product by Awaken Intelligence offers post-call analysis, enabling organisations to understand enriched customer sentiment, compliance, and employee performance. Through this partnership, Daktela’s customer base can now add these enhanced analytics, fostering more informed decision-making and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Simon Black, CEO of Awaken Intelligence, shared his perspective on this collaboration, stating, “We’re thrilled to partner with Daktela, a company known for its dedication to delivering exceptional customer engagement solutions. Together, we can provide a comprehensive solution that not only meets the evolving needs of businesses but also sets a new standard in customer engagement.”

With a shared vision of delivering superior customer experience, Daktela and Awaken are committed to creating a synergistic relationship that will undoubtedly benefit both their clientele and the broader customer service industry.