End of Life of Legacy CallScripter Products

Author: Wil Sokanovic | Date: 30/06/2022

Awaken would like to announce the End of Life (EOL) and withdrawal of Support for the following CallScripter products:

  • CallScripter 4.0 inclusive of all sub-versions
  • CallScripter 4.2 inclusive of all sub-versions
  • CallScripter 4.5 inclusive of all sub-versions

Reason for Termination

On the 20th of May 2021, Microsoft announced the retirement of Internet Explorer in favour of their new Edge browser. The above CallScripter products are built on technologies exclusive to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. Whilst Edge has an Internet Explorer compatibility mode for legacy applications, the CallScripter applications in scope for EOL rely on core Internet Explorer 7 technologies, which are not supported by the Edge Internet Explorer Mode. Therefore, we have decided to retire CallScripter in line with Microsoft’s announcement.

Notable Dates

  • 15th June 2022 – Withdrawal of Standard Support for all products in scope for EOL
  • 30th June 2022 – Withdrawal of Extended Support for all products in scope for EOL


The retirement of Internet Explorer will be delivered via a cumulative update to the operating system under the Semi-Annual Channel (SAC).

Standard Support for CallScripter products will be withdrawn on the date as noted above.

As the Microsoft SAC may not be applied on the date it is released, Extended Support will apply to any support request where the CallScripter application is still in use on Internet Explorer.

Support Payments

If your Support and Maintenance is billed monthly in arrears, then your final Support and Maintenance payment will be invoice 30th June 2022.

If your Support and Maintenance is billed Annual in Advance, this will be prorated up to the end of June 2022 at your next renewal.

Hosted Provision

If you are a customer for which we provide hosting, we will be decommissioning that provision after the 30th June 2022, or earlier upon mutual agreement. We will actively work with you to migrate away from this service, taking into consideration your plans as a customer and any requirements around the data currently held within our infrastructure.