Agent Assist, Real-Time Guidance, and the Future of Analytics. The Call and Contact Centre Expo 2022 Write Up

Author: Greg Taylor | Date: 24/11/2022

The team has just got back from two, very busy and energising days at the Call & Contact Centre Expo at the ExCel, London.

It was great to connect with our partners, friends in the media, customers and of course new people who are looking for technology guidance for their contact centre.

The most striking thing was people’s eagerness to engage (not always the case at these large Expo-type events) and we had conversations with teams across a huge variety of industries and sizes.

Defining your use case for real-time agent guidance 

Simon Black, Awaken CEO, spoke to a packed audience in the Employee Engagement theatre on Tuesday.

He explored where the market was heading in terms of real-time agent guidance. He helped the audience with tackling exactly what they mean and want from real-time services, and examined how this is very often driven by your use cases.

“Understanding your core customer use cases is the single most important thing you can do before deciding on a process-driven or AI-driven agent guidance system. And even then, it should never be a one-size-fits-all-agents implementation.”

He continued, “take Insurance for example. An agent taking a call around first notification of loss (FNOL) is very likely going to need guidance about the steps they need to follow due to the number and complexity of questions to be asked. This is where process-driven agent guidance makes the most sense.”

“If we think about a sales call with a limited number of questions, then this is far more likely to be AI-driven, with the agent being assisted with insights, emotion trackers and maybe the ability to make decisions in real-time, like offering a discount.”

“Crucially, it is when you combine both process-driven and AI-driven real-time agent guidance, dependent on use case and agent experience, that you get the best results.”

Simon wrapped up the session with a view on the future of real-time agent guidance – a topic we’ll tackle in a future article.

Talk to us about real-time agent guidance and post-call analytics for your contact centre

Here at Awaken we’ve been building contact centre technology for over twenty years.

We focus on developing easy-to-use software that empowers operational teams and agents to deliver successful interactions (whatever your idea of success may look like).

We have two core areas of expertise:

  1. Real-time agent guidance 
  2. Post-call analytics

Our real-time agent guidance software takes the pain out of delivering complex, regulatory interactions, such as the Insurance claims process.

Our post-call analytics software gives you all the insights you’ll need to monitor agent performance, customer satisfaction, and agent wellbeing.

So, whatever your use case, come and talk to the team about how we can help you succeed.