Tethr and Awaken Intelligence Join Forces as Creovai

Author: Simon Black | Date: 04/06/2024

Today, I get to share some exciting news: Awaken Intelligence and Tethr are merging.

Combining these technologies brings together two complementary contact center solutions to become something greater than the sum of their parts: a powerful new suite of conversation intelligence and agent guidance software. And, as we combine forces with Tethr, we’re introducing a new company name: Creovai.

Why Creovai? Well, the “Creo” part of our name is derived from “to create” in Latin and “to believe” in Spanish–two concepts that are important to us as we commit to providing AI-powered intelligence that our customers and partners can trust. 

I’d like to stress that current customers of Tethr and Awaken will not experience any change in services or performance. Customers will however now be offered the opportunity for enhancements available from the synergy of these two companies. 

Awaken Intelligence was born from years of experience owning and running contact centers and we’ve been delivering innovative agent guidance software since 2019. For over a decade, the Tethr team has been harnessing AI and machine learning to generate actionable insights from customer conversations, empowering contact center and CX leaders to make meaningful business improvements.

Together, we share a vision of AI’s power to transform customer and employee experiences. As businesses harness our solutions, we believe they’ll find new ways to improve experiences and retention for agents and customers, increase sales, and reduce the cost of service. Our promise is to provide the fastest ROI, easiest-to-use solution, and most trustworthy insights that our customers can act on to maximize business outcomes.

Better experiences for agents and customers with Creovai

We know that the employee experience directly impacts the customer experience, and by giving frontline agents the tools to be successful, companies can reduce customer and agent churn, improve contact center operations, and grow their revenue.

Creovai provides both real-time agent guidance and post-interaction conversation analytics. Current Tethr and Awaken Intelligence customers will have access to all the same product capabilities they have today, with the option to bring real-time agent assistance and conversation analytics together in one solution.

Agents get access to a secure, generative AI-powered assistant that guides them through complex interactions with real-time alerts and conversation summaries, making their jobs easier, reducing average handle times, and increasing customer satisfaction. Creovai also automates repetitive tasks and provides easy-to-follow call flows, reducing agent stress and increasing productivity.

Contact center and CX leaders get access to deep insights based on what agents and customers say in their conversations. Creovai delivers insights in easy-to-read, prescriptive dashboards tied to key business goals, including decreasing operational costs, reducing customer churn, improving agent performance, and increasing customer satisfaction.

Contact center and CX leaders also get AI-powered predictive scores for customer effort and satisfaction, agent and customer sentiment, and quality assurance. These scores, combined with Creovai’s 1000+ out-of-the-box insights categories, help companies hone in and take action on their highest-impact opportunities to coach their agents and improve their customer experience.

Bringing together agent and customer insights for better business performance

Until now, contact center leaders have faced a fragmented market for conversation intelligence and agent assistance solutions. Technology to improve the agent experience has largely been focused on workforce automation, not making agents’ jobs easier or more fulfilling. Most analytics products deliver data but provide little direction that contact center and CX leaders can act on. Meanwhile, large CCaaS providers claim to do everything, but their focus remains on their core communications offerings while their real-time assistance and post-interaction analytics are limited.

Creovai is poised to address this challenge head-on. By combining the capabilities of Tethr and Awaken Intelligence, we’re providing our customers with a unified and comprehensive platform to optimize the agent and customer experience. I couldn’t be more excited for the journey ahead.

Our Awaken journey has been full of learnings and excitement and I feel the momentum building in our industry space is truly special. I can’t thank my team enough for the efforts they have put in to get us to this point.

You can learn more about Creovai here: https://www.prweb.com/releases/tethr-and-awaken-intelligence-join-forces-to-accelerate-contact-center-modernization-302163274.html