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Real-Time Voice to Voice Translation & Transcription

Serving international clients can be easy with our real-time voice to voice translation software - even if all your staff speaks only one language.

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What is included

Auto-generated subtitles

Use real-time voice transcription to generate subtitles for typical 2-minute social media videos in under 60 seconds and translate into 30+ languages if required.

"Very impressive, fast and accurate."

David Ross, Head of Video

Real-time broadcast transcription & translation

Our transcription and translation software works in real-time and gives accurate broadcast transcriptions even when there is background noise or thick accents.

"We've been looking for an accurate and real-time solution for a long time."

Raul Cenalmor, Deputy Technical Director

Contact centres scale easily

Serving international clients can be easy and hassle-free with our real-time voice to voice translation software - even if all your staff speaks only one language.

Real-time Chat Translation

Real-time conversational translations of your helpdesk tickets can enable your agents to respond in your customers' native language, helping to give your customers a consistent service.

Interviews transcribed in record time

Boost your productivity with automatic transcription of interviews or study notes and share and edit them with a web-based document editor.

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