Supporting the British Governement through a global health crisis

How Awaken’s dynamic scripting solution, Intelligent Agent, powered the NHS’s Test & Trace Program during the Covid-19 pandemic


Awaken's technology enabled the NHS to...

Onboard 20,000 agents in a few weeks

Link multiple siloed legacy systems together

Meet stringent data and privacy regulation


Rapidly scaling the onboarding and roll-out of a 20,000-agent guidance program

In the event of a national or global health crisis, Governments need to be able to act quickly to take control of the situation and swiftly put effective contact channels in place. Crisis situations have the potential to escalate quickly and change daily, so any supporting contact centre solutions have to be reliable, innovative, agile and cost-effective.

Awaken’s Intelligent Agent platform was selected by the British Government as the best solution to ensure strict process and compliance requirements were met while creating a seamless, user-centric experience for every person the agents spoke to via the UK’s Test & Trace program.

A health crisis of gigantic proportion

When a global health crisis required fast action to help control the spread, the British Government had to find a way to move at pace and support the public in tracking active cases of the disease. The ability to rapidly deploy a brand-new system to fully support contact centre agents was a crucial part of their response to the crisis.

Over 20,000 new homeworking contact centre agents were recruited and many of them had never worked in a contact centre before. The new platform, therefore, had to solve 3 specific challenges.

With many of the agents never having worked in a contact centre before, information being housed across multiple systems, and an anticipated high volume of calls, it was vital that the information agents needed could be accessed quickly and easily to avoid unnecessary increases in handling times.

The Government required a solution that would link multiple systems together and present agents with the right information at exactly the right time to enable seamless, reliable and efficient support for the general public.


How Awaken Intelligent Agent helped

The British Government selected our Intelligent Agent product, via our partner Sitel, as the agent guidance platform that would support their contact centre agents through one of the most difficult times in modern history. This platform provided dynamic guidance capabilities, so that agents could be presented with the information they needed, exactly when they needed it, reducing call handling times and increasing capacity.

Intelligent Agent presented the appropriate guidance to agents as they reached out to citizens who may have come into contact with the disease. The agility of the platform and its adaptability to support a large number of users meant that it could be swiftly utilised for other critical incidents, including working with Government agencies where businesses had gone into administration, or when companies had significant data breaches.

If a citizen tested positive for the disease, they received a call from one of the agents who followed a script, guided by Intelligent Agent, to explain the isolation steps they had to take. With real-time guidance, the agent was also able to explain the necessary steps and capture the details of anyone who had come into contact with the infected person, enabling them to quickly step in to also contact those citizens.


The benefits of a collaborative with Awaken

Across nearly 20,000 agents, Intelligent Agent delivered an impressive:

  • 241,000 script runs per day
  • 6,100,000 script runs per month
  • 57,840,000 script runs per year

Although many of the agents had never worked in a contact centre before, let alone a home-based agent position, Intelligent Agent gave them the support they needed to confidently navigate through each call. With so many fast-moving situations surrounding the global crisis, the Government were able to trust that each call was being handled in the right way to help protect the public and support the response effort.


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