Awaken Sponsors CCW San Antonio 23

Author: Simon Black | Date: 17/11/2022

Running from January 31 – February 1 2023, CCW San Antonio is part of America’s leading customer contact event series.

Awaken is excited to announce it has signed up to sponsor Customer Contact Week 2023 in San Antonio, Texas

Programme Themes

Channel Strategy & Optimization – Coordinating service delivery across brand touchpoints and impact on customer experience and loyalty. We’ll explore how top brands optimized service delivery in single channel, multi-channel, and omnichannel environments.

Data Driven Digital Transformation – Digital channels often represent the first touchpoint a customer has with your brand. Once considered optional, digital experiences emerged from the chaos of 2020 as an essential tool for contact center leaders.

Workforce Management – We’ll review how leading brands are building agile teams and equipping them with tools to provide world-class customer service in a post Covid-19 world.

AI & Automation – AI-powered operational agility is a top priority as speed and efficiency continue to dominate the scorecard for contact center executives. We’ll explore how AI and RPA can be deployed across the greater organization to influence the end-to-end customer experience.

Simon Black, CEO of Awaken, says, “We’re excited to be back in the US very soon to catch  up with the Awaken community. We’re looking forward to partnering with CCW to showcase an engaging and forward-thinking agenda. Come talk to us about how you can get better performance from your contact centre.”

Get to know us | Awaken Intelligence

I’m sure you’re excited as we are for CCW 23. We can’t wait to link up familiar faces, and welcome the opportunity to meet new ones as well, and have a conversation about contact centre efficiency.

But for those that haven’t already heard about the Awaken Intelligence brand, or the software solutions we have, here’s a summary below.

What does Awaken’s Software offer?

Our software automatically searches for information, to guide agents during a customer query ensuring they provided with the right message on every call, email, or chat. Our powerful tools have incredibly proven to reduce the time in which it takes agents to reach a satisfactory resolution by 50%.

Essentially, our agent guidance and analytics solutions enable our clients to provide an excellent customer experience – whilst simultaneously achieving:

  • Maximised operational efficiency
  • Perfect regulatory compliance

Our technology supports contact centres in two core ways.

  • Our conversational analytics software unlocks new insights from every customer interaction
  • Our intelligent agent software dynamically guides agents in real time, to the next best action (what we refer to as NBA).

Combined, our technology allows our customers to drive major cost savings, and process improvements like never before, and rapidly onboard and upskill new agents to provide a swift resolution for their customers.

We also have the ability to deliver our solutions in 38 different languages; enabling businesses across the globe to support a far broader spectrum of customers as they can communicate in their primary language.

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Case Studies:

We’ve already built an impressive list of international clients in the UK, North America and other countries across the globe.

When Awaken first set up, only 4% of the 79,000 contact centre’s in the UK and North America, had invested in the agent automation solutions that guide agents with the next best actions. But the power this technology has, is in fact no longer a secret. In the last 12 months alone, we’ve personally seen a 1200% increase in inquiries for this technology.

To exemplify the benefits real-time technology can bring to contact centre’s, here’s an example of one of our Canadian case studies – Stars Ambulance Services:

STARS provides 24/7 support for lone workers across four Canadian provinces — Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Eastern British Columbia. After contacting us, it became apparent that Stars needed a solution to help agents manage diversity across their client base and to connect with various external systems.

So, they decided to implement our dynamic scripting tool due to its flexibility, both in how it manages the agent experience and helps streamline connections. Deployment made it possible to directly connect to ArcGIS Rest Endpoints, FME Web Services, SQL databases, telephone, and other data sources without building separate connectivity systems.

Post implementation, we were able to help Stars achieve:

  • 113,400 calls handled
  • Support for 34 agents
  • Improved flexibility and interconnectivity

Book in time with us at CCW 23

If you’re interested in speaking with the Awaken experts at CCW23, as we’ve previously stated, we welcome the opportunity. Feel free to contact us through filling out our form, and we will get back to you within 24 hours. We look forward to seeing you all there!