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The Awaken Platform

Our platform brings together cross-channel inputs, integrates with your legacy data and works seamlessly with your existing systems without the need for replacement. Our technologies can be deployed into your contact centre as individual modules or as a complete solution delivering the flexibility that your contact centres needs from your software.

How it works


Seamless integration

An omnichannel system that integrates with legacy systems, unites cross-channel data and all without any disruptions to the agent or customer experience.

Simple and efficient access to all your customer intelligence

The easy-to-use interface captures all your customer intelligence, across each touch point and in one single view.

Inspires data-led action

Contextually relevant insights that empower teams to deliver highly personalised experiences based on factual data.

Constantly improves

AI technologies that recognise trends in behaviours, voice and data, enabling teams to dynamically evolve the experience by anticipating changing needs over time and ensuring that your agents follow the ideal journey for your customer.

See how the Awaken Platform can support your business role

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Chief Executive Officer - Illuminates opportunities for growth

Strategic planning is easier with a holistic view of your business and the ability to drill down into the finer detail. The Awaken platform will enable you to:

  • Achieve company-wide benefits including demonstrable ROI

  • Deeply analyse the voice of your customer to understand how they feel in the moment

  • Use behavioural analysis to better understand your customers’ desire to purchase or leave

  • Improve your top line or understand the risks to your bottom line

  • Achieve easier and more accurate forecasting

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Chief Financial Officer - Improve the bottom line by increasing top line revenues

When you can see the full story behind your data, you’ll be able to see even the smallest inefficiencies in your contact centre operations. The Awaken platform will enable you to:

  • Discover the detail and then drive bottom line growth through process improvements

  • Standardise processes and improve the working life of your agents

  • Reduce agent resource requirements and improve retention

  • Positively impact the investment of onboarding new hires by reducing training times

  • Drive an improved customer experience and benefit your top line

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Chief Information Officer: Integrated systems via unified desktop

Our simple to implement technology solution streamlines operations to maximise strategic benefit as well as improving the customer experience. The Awaken platform will enable you to:

  • Provide tangible improvements to compliance

  • Reduce complaint levels

  • Increase quality assurance

  • Reduce the risk of breach fines

  • Integrate your platforms to make call handling seamless and minimise errors

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Chief Operating Officer: Takes the pain away from compliance

Our suite of solutions gives you the tools that a COO needs to secure the functionality of the business and drive extensive and sustainable growth. The Awaken platform will enable you to:

  • Gain a new insight into the efficiency of operations and applications

  • Lead employees to maximum performance and dedication to your customers

  • See the 360-degree view of your customers

  • Achieve compliance by exception and quality evaluation on every transaction

  • Take away the pain of sustainable growth without adding headcount

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HR Director – Supporting the people strategy for retention and capability

Besides being an innovative platform for Operational Managers and Team Leaders, the Awaken technology also supports the HR agenda. The Awaken platform will enable you to:

  • Listen, analyse and report the sentiments and emotions of an agent

  • Act swiftly to support the wellbeing of agents

  • Utilise dynamic agent guidance to guide employees through the correct processes

  • Efficiently support the capability of new employees

  • Rollout and embed new processes easily