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Increase performance and reduce contact centre staff churn through powerful voice analytics.

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What is included

How It Works

We run your calls and metadata through our AI algorithms

Upload or stream your call recordings to your secure area with information about the call, such as unique call ID, Agent Name, Team or campaign, call start time and duration. We'll then run the calls through our AI models.

Language Analytics

Voice to text

Transcription of the conversation that recognises names, acronyms and seeded words

Search packs

Identify key terms or phrases in the conversation with fuzzy text grouping


Natural language processing to account for the meaning of words within the content of the conversation

Topic modelling

Identifying conversational topics through hidden semantic structures

Behavioural Analytics


Tone, pitch, energy, speaker dominance, silence, cross talk, speech rate, hesitation and pauses

Textual Sentiment detection

Detection of the sentiment of words; positive, negative or neutral

Vocal Emotion detection

Detection of anger, sadness, happiness, neutrality, anxiety, vulnerability, misunderstanding, and complaint indicators

We Extract Actionable Insights

Automated Agent Quality

Agent effectiveness / efficiency, best performer modelling, skill gap analysis, emotional journey, agent sentiment timeline

Complaint Identification

Analysis of the call including tempo, amplitude, pitch, tone and non-verbal communication

Operational Efficiency

Insight is captured from the voice interaction, and combined with additional data sources about the interaction, to provide a complete customer journey


Monitoring content for PCI DSS compliance, required statements occurrences

Vulnerable customers/TCF

automated flagging of calls identifying the customer as vulnerable, or where the agent has not treated the customer fairly

We present the Information to you

Reporting Dashboard

Key business and customer outcomes are displayed, so you can review and take action quickly. This helps and improve your call centre operations whilst looking after your agents and improving customer experience

Continuous Learning

Embedded machine learning allows us to continuously improve - offering smarter, faster insight over time.

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Our Conversational Analytics solution doesn't require lengthy integrations and the Reporting Dashboard is web-based, so you can start implementing insights in days.

Get the most out of our Conversational Analytics

Call Quality Assurance - Automated

Quality Assurance driven analytics with built-in compliance check that enables your QA managers to focus on process improvements

Automated voicemail and email insights

Reduce 95% of your QA staff's time and speed up sales cycles using automated voicemail transcription and categorisation in over 30+ languages.

Improve profitability by up to 300%

Our versatile software enables you to gain insights into your operations and unlock 85% operational efficiency gains while increasing sales output by 25% when using conversational analytics.

“Awaken took our existing process of quoting prices from a 16 step process down to a 3 step process by automating the process which improved efficiencies by 520%! This has also made the process easier for our agents so now we can train new hires and get them up the learning curve faster. ”

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