Language differences shouldn’t be a barrier to great customer service

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Awaken Translate

Easily support your customers in their native language

Awaken provides real-time conversational translation capabilities enabling agents to communicate with your customers in their preferred language. With our bi-directional text translation, you’ll be able to easily analyse all your customer communications.

The proven benefits of Awaken Translate

Simple, Personalised Dashboards

Simple, Personalised Dashboards

Interactive and easy-to-use dashboards enable anyone to get data-driven answers to their deeper questions. Businesses in all industries are using data to better manage enquiries, quickly detect fraud and improve customer service.

Discover New Revenue Streams

Reduce unnecessary hiring costs

In an increasingly global business environment, customers expect that their queries can be answered in their native language. With our innovative translation software, you don’t need to employ multilingual agents who can be difficult to find and add unnecessary strain to your salary budget.

Learn about what your customers need and drive proactive change

Learn about what your customers need and drive proactive change

In a world of infinite data and billions of touchpoints, it’s easy for brands to lose sight of what really matters. Awaken’s Conversational Analytics creates a picture of the valuable moments that make up your customer experience, clearly showing how you can deliver what they need before they even know they need it.

Quality Assurance (QA) and Team Performance

Perform Quality Assurance across multi-lingual tickets

A full audit trail of the original and translated communications can be stored, enabling supervisors to perform quality assurance across all multilingual tickets.

Analyse retention data to reduce customer churn

Analyse retention data to reduce customer churn

By analysing the customer experience across all your channels, you’ll get actionable insights that will enable you to improve your processes and call-handling to reduce customer churn and increase brand loyalty.

Ensure your agents remain compliant

Ensure your agents remain compliant

Use Conversational Analytics to set compliance triggers that alert and notify managers when these triggers are hit, and compliance is at risk or has been breached. Protect your customers, your agents and your organisation.

How Awaken Translate works

With Awaken Translate, you’ll get real-time chat and e-mail translation instantly. Agents see the ticket translated into their own native language and are able to easily respond.



Awaken Conversational Analytics

Monthly Rolling Contract – We are so confident in our product that we offer the ultimate flexibility with monthly rolling contracts.


  • Setup – starting from 3 days of professional services and training.
  • Charged per named user - named users are based on users that require dashboard access.
  • Discounts – discounts apply for committed volumes.

Other Products

Listen to your customers

Listen to your customers like never before, with Conversational Analytics

Analyse every call, email and message from your customers, understand them in greater depth, and measure the wellbeing of your agents.

Using industry-leading speech and voice analytics technology, Awaken Intelligence can provide the insights your contact centre needs to drive improvements in customer experience and satisfaction, and employee wellbeing.

Reporting and dashboards with conversations

Reporting and Dashboards with Conversational Analytics

Connect people and data with Conversational Analytics to understand how to delight your customers and improve the performance of your contact centre.

Call quality monitoring, compliance alerts, and efficient dashboards with reporting that empowers your agents, management and leadership teams to make the right decisions, with the right data.

Transform your contact centre with intelligent agent

Transform your Contact Centre with Awaken’s Intelligent Agent Software

Intelligent Agent guides your agents to the next best action in voice or digital customer conversations.

By analysing all conversations, Intelligent Agent allows you to identify bottlenecks, increase efficiencies and provide an exceptional customer experience.

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