Announcing the re-brand of our website!

Author: Justyna Chlopecka | Date: 05/10/2021

We’re incredibly excited to announce that our newly designed and rebranded website is now live! After months of planning, designing, building and testing, we officially launched the new site on [insert launch date].  

In our recent article, we shared that despite the challenges of running a business through the pandemic, we continued to grow and help even more businesses to build their contact centres of the future. To support our strategy for growth and tell the story of the difference our products make to the contact centres we work with, we decided the time was right to refresh and rebrand our website. Our aim through the project was to launch a site that accurately reflected to visitors what we pride ourselves on delivering to our customers every single day – an agile, exceptional and seamless experience.  

Simon Black, our CEO said: 

“Launching our new website is a big step forward in our ambition to reach and help even more businesses to see the complete picture for their contact centres. Our site now reflects the breadth of expertise in our team, the innovative and agile capabilities of our solutions and the impressive results they deliver in our customers’ contact centres.” 

Listen, Guide, Understand 

As a leader in AI products, we know that techy talk can sometimes be confusing or overwhelming. It was important to us and our website visitors that information about our products was enjoyable to read, easy to understand and really clear about the proven benefits of working with us.   

With that in mind, one of the biggest changes delivered by our rebrand is the introduction of our Listen, Understand, and Guide concept when we talk about our products. It’s now incredibly clear how each of our products supports businesses with their operational priorities and growth ambitions: 

  • Listen with Awaken Conversations – Analyse the words, emotion and sentiment behind every call to gain a true understanding of your customers’ experience 
  • Listen with Awaken Translate – Communicate with customers instantly and accurately in their chosen language, without the need to hire bilingual agents 
  • Understand with Awaken Insights – Connect people and data to help you understand how to improve the performance of your contact centre 
  • Guide with Awaken Scripting – Innovative software that guides agents to give your customers the service they deserve and the experience they expect 

Simon continues, “As a brand, we are known for our ability to deliver agile solutions and dynamically respond to our customers’ expectations. The new concept of Listen, Understand, and Guide will help visitors to better understand the value of Awaken’s platform as a whole, and see how we can support their ambitions to build the contact centre of tomorrow, today.” 

Partners section 

We’ve built a strong network collaborating with the very best partners in the industry to challenge the norm and innovate contact centre operations. Through our new partners page, you can see the details for all our partners from across the world. We also explain the benefits of becoming an Awaken partner so that we can combine our market-leading technology with their platforms and provide an exceptional experience to customers and agents.  

Case studies

With so many choices on the market with technology and AI products, potential customers want to see proof of concept through real-life examples of product deployment. In our new case study section of the website, we share the stories of our products in action across insurance, finance, retail, BPO contact centres and Government sectors. In each case study, we share a deep dive into the challenges the business faced, the Awaken products that were deployed to improve performance.