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Improve profitability by up to 300%

Gain insights into your operations and unlock 85% operational efficiency gains while increasing sales output by 25%.


”By being able to see the complete customer journey and the services required to deliver an exceptional service, we were able to streamline operations, reduce agent churn and increase sales which resulted in 300% increase in profitability.”

Chris Robinson, former Director


Analyse every interaction to understand the true voice of your customers

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Listen with

Awaken Conversations

Voice analytics and speech analytics to hear the true voice of your customers and understand how they’re feeling in the moment.

Increase the opportunity to make a great impression on every single call.

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Understand with

Awaken Insights

Combine people and data to see the complete picture of what’s driving volumes, sentiments and to understand the entire customer journey.

Drill down to understand what’s happening and most importantly, why it’s happening.


Guide with

Awaken Scripting

Dynamic call scripting and intelligent agent guidance software that seamlessly integrates with your legacy systems without any complicated IT configurations.

Proactively manage customer journeys, delivering the experience they expect and deserve.

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Awaken Conversations

Combines speech analytics and voice analytics to perform deep analysis of calls between customers and agents. Speech is transcribed into readable transcripts while patterns in spoken audio are analysed to identify the emotion and intent of the conversation.


Key benefits:

  • Capture the true voice of your customer

  • Uncover opportunities to improve customer service

  • Understand the wellbeing of your agents

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Awaken Insights

Connect people and data to understand how to delight your customers and improve the performance of your contact centre. Visual analytics of key trends that gives you actionable insights on how to improve performance.



Key benefits:

  • Visualise trends that determine performance

  • Understand customer sentiment

  • Improve the customer experience

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Awaken Scripting

Dynamically manage the customer journey, guiding the agent and linking multiple systems together. Using call scripting and guidance, you can be sure that your customers are receiving the service they deserve and the experience they expect.



Key benefits:

  • 100% cloud-based deployment for accessibility

  • Seamlessly develop and deploy new scripts

  • Reduce agent onboarding and training time

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Awaken Translate

Real-time email and chat translations in 30+ languages, removing the need to hire employees with multiple language skills and enabling agents to focus on delivering exceptional service.



Key benefits:

  • Conversational translations for natural exchanges

  • No need to hire multilingual agents

  • Continue to scale your operations internationally with ease

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AI with 35 years of experience

We are pioneers of innovative and flexible software to help our customers see the complete picture for their contact centre. Our platform is flexible, easy to work with and adapts quickly as your call centre evolves and grows. Our team have over 35 years combined experience operating outsourced contact centres and providing software solutions, meaning our products are designed by contact centre people for contact centre people.


Are you ready to see the complete picture for your contact centre performance?

Understand how Awaken’s innovative technology can support your priorities and deliver an exceptional journey for your customers.